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The Geography of a Breakfast Food: Bananas

No description

Angelica Renteria

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of The Geography of a Breakfast Food: Bananas

Bananas are processed in Costa Rica and then shipped overseas
Bags are used to prevent outside forces from harming the bananas
Many workers are used to check if the banana is bruised or damaged
Europe is the largest market
Bananas are produced in Costa Rica because of the tropical climate required for the fruit to grow.
First plantation in 1872/ Export began in 1878
No significant influence on Costa Rican food
Climate allows them to grow year round
Bananas are one of Costa Rica's biggest exports
Europe is the largest importer and majority of bananas are sent overseas
If bananas are bruised or don't meet importer's requirements, they are sold locally to natives
Land policies, such as Banana Expansion Decree, support banana industry since it plays a role in country's economy.
Bananas are shown when they are bright yellow and unmarked in advertisements.
Bananas Around the World

Angelica Renteria
AP Human Geography
The Geography of a Breakfast Food
7th Period
Bananas are grown primarily in Central and South America (Costa Rica).
Grown in hot and humid tropical climates
Plantations are large, requiring clearing of jungle growth
Managed by Chiquita
Require huge amounts of investment
Labor Intensive
Heavy amounts of pesticides are used and irrigation is required in some areas
In Chiquita ads, the highly recognized dress of the Chiquita lady is shown
Foreign markets tend to be targeted
The banana in the ad is made to seem fun or exotic with the usage of flashy clothes
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Banana shipping in action
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