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Spirit Animals, Wild Born (book 1)

No description

Vanessa A

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Spirit Animals, Wild Born (book 1)

Spirit Animals, Wild Born (book 1)
Characters in the book
The main characters in this book are two boys, two girls and their Spirit Animals. The boys and girls are all 11 years old. In their world kids who turn 11 have a bonding ceremony where they might bond with a spirit animal.
Plot and Setting
The plot of Wild Born. In this book, the kids who call spirit animals leave their families and villages to go with their Spirit Animals and trainers called Greencloaks. They bond with their Spirit Animals and learn from the Greencloaks to help save their world.
Thank you for listening to my book talk
The end. By Vanessa Attfield
About the Book
The book Spirit Animals book 1, Wild Born is the first book in a new series. There will be seven books in the series when it is done. Each book will have a different author. This book is by Brandon Mull.
by Brandon Mull
Why I picked this book
One of the awesome things about this book is that it is also a online game. You can read the book and then enter a code and words from the book to create your own character and go on quests like in the book.

Also this book was on Scholastic book orders and it looked interesting so my mom order it for me. I like adventure books and books about animals.
Writing in this book
This is a fiction book.

The book is written in third person.
About the Author
The author is Brandon Mull. He is from the US. He has written other books for teens like the Beyonders series and Fablehaven series. He has a book I want to read next called The Candy Shop War because I love candy.
Conor and Brigan the wolf
Conor is a shepard who lives in the Eura district in Trunswick. He summons a wolf named Brigan. Brigan existed a long time ago in the legends of Eura.
Abeke and Uraza the leopard
Abeke is a girl who lives in the Niloan savanah, a desert that has had no rain for a long time. She is the new Rain Dancer for her village. But when she calls a leopard named Uraza, she leaves her village to protect the world.
Meilin and Jhi the panda
Meilin is a girl who lives in a walled city in Zhong. She is the daughter of the captin of the army. Her continent is at war. She calls a panda named Jhi.
This book takes place in the world called Erdas and four continents that are part of it. Eura, Zhong, Nilo and Amaya.
If you like adventure stories I would recommend this book. Also if you like books about animals.

This book is like the 39 Clues series because you can use the online game to be part of the story in the book. So if you liked that, I think you will like this too.
In the book they have a world much like ours. Eura represents Europe, Zhong is like Aisa, Amaya represents North America and Nilo is like Africa.

Another connection is that the book is like 39 Clues because the online game lets you feel like you are in the book, like with Spirit Animals.

Also anyone who has loved an animal can understand the bond between child and Spirit Animal.

Rollan and Essix the falcon
Rollan is a poor orphan who lives on the streets of Amaya. He didn't know anything about calling spirit animals, but he got arrested for trying to steal medicine to help a sick friend and in the jail the army gave all kids who were 11 and hadn't tried to call a spirit animal a chance to try. He called Essix the falcon.
Other books
in the series
These are the books that I know of so far.
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