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History of Photography

No description

John McPherson

on 31 January 2011

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Transcript of History of Photography

photography 1826
french inventor joseph nicéphore niépce
captured the first photographic image on tin. 1814
french inventor joseph niepce achieves first photographic image with camera obscura - however, the image required eight hours of light exposure and later faded. 1840
first american patent issued in photography to
alexander wolcott for his camera. 1884
george eastman invents flexible, paper-based photographic film. 1900
First mass-marketed camera—the brownie. 1913/1914
first 35mm still camera developed. 1984
Canon demonstrates first digital electronic still camera. 1985
pixar introduces digital imaging processor. the history of 1951
the first video tape recorder which transmitted and
received live images from tv cameras by
converting the signals into electrical pulses
which were known as digital signals.
the information was saved to magnetic tape. 1957
the first image in the history of digital
photography was produced on a computer
by russell kirsch. It was a scanned image
of kirsch's son . 1963
polaroid introduces instant color film. 1978
konica introduces
first point-and-shoot, autofocus camera. 1990
eastman kodak announces photo cd
as a digital image storage medium. 1969
smith and boyle invented the ccd
(charge-coupled device) which detects the
color and intensity of light and which all
digital cameras use. 1975
steve sasson created the first digital camera
using the ccd image sensor technology . 1981
first consumer camera that did not require film
was produced by Sony, the mavica (magnetic
Video Camera) electronic still camera.
The camera produced 720,000-pixel images
which were recorded as magnetic impulses on
a two-inch floppy disk. Up to 50 images could
be stored on a single disc. 1986
kodak created the first sensor that could detect megapixels. the sensor produced a 5x7 inch digital print. the first dslr (digital single-lens reflex) was released by kodak.
the kodak dcs-100 had a 1.3 mega pixel sensor, a
nikon f-3 body, and could store 32 images on 1 mb ram. it allowed photojournalists to get their images back to their agencies with great speed; however, it cost around $13,000. 1994
apple quicktake 100 camera was the first to connect to the home computer by a usb cable. It had a 640 x 480 pixel ccd and produced eight images which could be stored in its internal memory. 1995
the Casio qv-11 with lcd monitor was released. 1999
the nikon d1 was released, the first camera on our digital photography timeline to be a serious competitor to the film slr market. 2001
the canon eos-1d was released, aimed at the professional market. 2004
kodak stopped producing film cameras. 2006
nikon and canon stopped producing film cameras. Cameras could now detect up to 22 megapixels. mobile phones had built-in cameras that could sense up to 4 megapixels. first photograph anderson county tornado, 1884 iro jima,
joe rosenthal 1945 high school segregation,
douglas martin 1958 Shooting of james meredith,
jack thornell 1967 burst of joy,
slava veder 1974 firing squad in iran,
jahangir razmi, 1980 afghan girl,
steve mccurry, 1985 uprisings in china and eastern europe,
david turnley, 1990 a starving Sudanese girl,
keven carter, 1994 world trade centers
ruth fremson, 2001 john mcpherson mrs. janosz intro to comm 2008
first dslr to implement hd video produced by nikon. 2005
canon announced the first-ever full frame dslr in a standardized body. i started photography. photography has been around for less than 200 years,
but it already has conveyed an enumerous amount of stories. waiting to die.
a refugee woman in jordan,
john mcpherson, 2010 works cited

contained information about the timeline of digital photography. i supplimented with my own knowledge of when cameras came out toward the end of the timeline.

contains a bit of history about the french inventor who invented photography.

sadly, i did use wikipedia. i forgot what date the 5d was announced, so i used this to find it. i am sure it is reliable.

contained the photographer, year, and the name of the photograph.

it is my website. i used two of my images - as noted.

this website contains half of the images i used for the timeline. the morgage crisis,
anthony suau, 2008 chinese boy
john mcpherson, 2007
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