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No description

Fabio Wider

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of MDP GenY

It's 5 to 12!
We stand for taking over responsibility
Our source
for future talent
What is actually different
about the next generation?

Universum student survey 2014
Feedback from peers in target group, working in technical jobs within Holcim
Talks to all RECO Members

All senior HR partners

Outsiders within target group
Is it impossible?

No it isn't... have a look at Holcim Mexico

as well as tangible
assets and products!
Focus group are apprentices, students and young professionals with a technical background
Short term
Recruiting and on-boarding the next generation has become a strategic business critical topic.

Target group specific (what is to be expected when you enter in position xy)
CV pool
worldwide job offers
Presenting entry programs
Transfer Holcim value

Job fairs:
Apprentice and student fairs
Presence on top fairs (Sternchen für welche in Fussnote einfügen!!)
No joint-ventures
Transfer Holcim values

Offer two traineeship positions yearly
Offer two thesis positions yearly

Attract students, apprentices and young
professionals, which have the same values
Include millenial specific aspects in leadership courses
Assignment of a SML mentor for entries

And the start is easy! Did you realize the difference today? Holcim logo, banner and cement bag? Increase presence...
Differentiation between
short term
external actions
including definition of
responsible and godparent
internal actions

Two traineeship positions yearly
Job rotation every four months
International rotations at least twice

Two thesis positions yearly:
Late stage early on-boarding

Two work students:
Serve as ambassadors
to schools
HR in coordination with godparent André

Leadership for next generation:

Teach how to lead the next generation
What is different compared to previous generations
HR in combination with Stefano

Complete redesign
Target group specific guidance
CV pool
Worldwide job openings
Presenting the internal actions
Communications together with HR and godparent Fabio
Job fairs:

Go to job fairs that
Attract the most people
Are well-regarded
Apprenticeships & students
Short term
Long term
Holcim University
Youth lunch talk
Show room
School visits and teaching at universities
Job site banners

and many more in our documentation!
Marketing, HR and godparent Christoph
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