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American Romanticism

No description

Sarah Rice

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of American Romanticism

American Romanticism
And one more thing...
Trust yourself; every heart vibrates to that iron string--Ralph Waldo Emerson
Individualism: Be yourself!
Intuition: let your heart be your guide.
American Romanticism was NOT:
American Romanticism was
a literary movement that celebrated:
the individual spirit
the basic elements of human nature
a fascination with the supernatural
Values feeling and intuition over reason
(focuses on the emotional side)
American Romantics believed imagination could apprehend truth that the rational mind could not reach.
In history, American Romanticism exploded with:
the growing U.S. population,
Westward expansion,
national spirit, and
the rapid spread of cities
Major Themes of Romanticism:
Imagination: Make things up; discuss the supernatural
Be in the moment
Be spontanious
Be wild and organic

Transcendentalism: emphasized living the simple life and celebrated the truth and beauties found in nature
Most writers reflected on the optimism of the time period, but others pondered the dark side of human nature.
An additional movement within American Romanticism is known as Transcendentalism.
Transcendentalists celebrated individualism and discovering truth through one's intuition.
American Gothic--the Dark Romantics
sometimes called the "anti-transcendentalists
focused on the dark side of human nature
saw the human capacity for evil
focused on the "inner life" of their characters
emphasized emotion, nature, individualism, and the unusual
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