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The Labor Movement

No description

Zachary Melzer

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of The Labor Movement

Collective Bargaining Unions and the Labor Movement What it is & what it did Non-Union Union One persons voice Many voices Summarize:
Unions formed because... Three Early Founding Unions Knights of Labor (K of L) Founded in 1869 Open to all Laborers Open to women claimed to be open to minorities... not always belief in U.S. founding ideals ending child and convict labor Summarize:
The Knights of Labor stood for... American Federation
Of Labor (AFL) Founded in 1886 Against immigration Skilled Labor only Whites only Men only Against immigration well organized belief in craft unions Summarize:
The AFL stood
for... Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Founded in 1905 Counter to the closed nature of the AFL Against capitalism Belief in industrial unions Belief in direct action Power of the general strike Summarize:
The IWW stood
for... Big Picture: Draw this chart and answer the questions K of L AFL IWW How successful do you think each group would have been at reaching their demands? Give two reasons why. How might each groups ideas about workers affect how workers felt about them? Give two reasons why.
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