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My Oceangasm: A seaside seduction


Katrin Welch

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of My Oceangasm: A seaside seduction

PEAK EXPERIENCES Odecean What was it that tossed our bodies
and numbed them so?
And who called us into this predicament?
And how to squeeze into words-
those dry little dust bunnies-
The cruel sloping skin,
and my full heart's devotion?

What is it that I love?

The things we have lost,
That lie cold in the muck
preserved by salt and coral.

The passion of the wave-
Having traveled countless yearning miles
she rears back at the land's obscenity,
then throws herself, gasping,
at its feet...
or is that me, moaning in the surf?

Why this blue heart siphon,
or this one
smoothing oblivion's way...
stroking my hair,
suppling my body
sucking me

down The experience is felt as whole total attention see the world in a grain of sand rich perception cognition not motivated by needs of ego New experience of time and space almost too much in the world and transcending it loss of fear and anxiety Acute Identity Experiences The Temporal Lobe integrated full capacity effortless self-love spontaneous, child-like creative unique, individualist present-centered non-striving expressive,
communicative playful grateful senses awakened sensory integration single focus wow waka waka! positive view humble Ecopsychology Reinterpret the experience of isolation (interconnected self)
Reestablish relationship with natural world
Reestablish relationship with self (fuller identity)
Release dualities: urban vs. wild, us vs. them, good vs. bad
Increased compassion for self and other
Motivated to care for all beings
Creative, "in the flow"
Joyful!! I-thou monism non-dualistic union, communion fully occupied by the moment
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