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MY greek god black

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of MY greek god black

MY greek god black
God of
insperertion,speed,combat,the color black.
sword and shield or 2 swords
Family connections
Hades and Athena ,poseidon
intresting facts
well his armor has a blue visor were the face should be and he invented track. Also he got in a slap fight with ares.(it was a strange day)
added facts
His mom did not let him be dumb when comes to everything so he is stargic
and his dad was pretty sure he wanted him to control shadows with ease.
Name of god
Well for starters light(VEARY focased light that is.) magic,and being bored.(almost never happens
hand to hand combat or any combat,super speed,archery,swordplay full control of shadows, he is strong,and stealthy
Is he postive? Heck ya he is postive even rough times.
Why Black should rule.
He is a postive aspect that likes have a good time and keep the gods in line.
This is completly off topic
He would have more powers BUT someone had to ruin it.(not patrick,sam,logan,or alex so gusse who)
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