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Web 2?

No description

Maria Camila Molina

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Web 2?

Web 2.0? What is Ubiquity?

Is the state of being everywhere at once or seeming to be everywhere at once.
Characteristics of Web 2.0!: The web 2.0 is divided in three main characteristics: Ajax, Democracy and Don´t maltreat users.
Ajax:"JavaScript now works." Web-based applications can now be made to work much more like desktop ones.
Democracy:Amateurs can surpass professionals, when they have the right kind of system to channel their efforts,is not in the selection of ideas, but their production.
Don´t maltreat users:The ultimate way to be nice to users is to give them something for free that competitors charge for.
Diferences between Web 1.0 & 2.0: Web 1.0: Web 2.0:
- Double Click - Google adsense
- Ofoto - Flickr
-Akamai - Big Torrent
-mp3 - Napster
-Britanica Online -Wikipedia
-PersonalWebsites -Blogging
-evite - Upcoming org
-Page Views - Search engine optimization
-screen scraping - Web Services
-publishing -Participation content (wikis)
-directories (taxonomy) - Tagging
-stickiness - syndication

What is Web 2.0:
Its a new generation of webs based on the creation of contents produced and shared by its own users.

Consumers produce and use they´re own information! Most known pages of Web 2.0: Web 2.0 has created democratization!
- Everyone has the same chances of publishing whatever content the want.
-Even some normal webs have more active users than many news papers.
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