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Three Cups of Tea!

No description

Omar Kanny

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Three Cups of Tea!

Three Cups of Tea! by: Omar Kanny :D this is Greg Mortenson he is one of the great mountain
climbers! he climbed mount Everst
with his dad before his death of
cancer imagine the view from up here! when Greg knew his
dad had cancer, he was
willing to give up college
to sepnd more time with
him. his father didn't let him
so every week he would
go vist him. when he found out his
dad have died, he was worried
about his sister. Because she had
seizures. he spent most of his days
helping his sister be more
confident. greg and his mom were
looking for something to do
for Christa's 23rd Birthday they planned to take her
to "Fields of Dreams" in Dyersville
it was her favorite movie
and she wanted to know where they
filmed it so on her birthday greg's mom
went to wake christa up, they found out
that she had died, while she was sleeping. but the same day of her birthday,
greg fell down a mountain. when he
called his mom to tell her that
he is okay. she sounded sad, and she told greg
that Christa had died because of seizure. after christas death, greg didnt know what to do with himself. a guy name Dan Mazur, climbs mountains with greg, helped him decide. Mazur was putting together an expedition to K2. greg agreed of going with him. and he took his sisters necklase, to put on the top of K2 in his sisters honor. on his was up 2 K2, he lost his guide and went the wrong way. it was all dark and all he had is an empty water bottle, a blanket and a energy bar. the next morning he went back
they way he came from. he found his guide. he made sure he wouldnt lose him again. he held his hand or let him walk behinde him. accidently, greg lost his guide again
but then he eccidently went back down and ended up in Kophe. he promised the people that he would build them schools. and thats how Greg's Mortenson
journy began and how all his goals in lifes changed
now he has built over 130 schools and hospitals together! but the main idea greg had
is to give girls education. Greg reading to girls in on of
his schools in Pakistan. Haji Ali
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