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The Place of The Woman in Turkey

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Elifnur Kılıç

on 2 May 2015

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Transcript of The Place of The Woman in Turkey

The Historical Background of Woman in Turkey
Before The Republic
The Place of The Woman in Turkey
The first half of the 19th century still there was a slave market where where women bought and sold like goods.

There were some steps for human rights in the period of Tanzimat like Girls Art School (1869), Girls Teacher School (1870).
The Period of Republic
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who was the most important person on revolution, was the first defender of women rights in these years.

He has tried to develop women rights on a few stages.
The Historical Background of Woman in Turkey
Before The Republic
The Period of Republic
Woman Problems
The Reasons of These Problems
Solution of These Problems
Plural marriage,
The rule of men's marriage with more than one woman was valid and the will of the woman was ignored in marriage and divorce.
The Right of Heritage
In court and in the testimony women seemed as "half human". There are no place to women in education and working life.

The first stage was about the right of equal education between men and women.
March 3, 1924 Unification of Education (Tevhid-i Tedrisat)
The second stage was about civil rights.
With April 4, 1926 Civil Law;
to marry more than one woman was forbidden.
age limit of marriage for men and women was brought.
men and women have had equal rights about divorce.
equality of heritage law has provided for women.
The third stage was about political rights.
April 3, 1930 - right to vote and stand for election on municipal elections.
December 5, 1934 - right to vote and stand for election on deputy.
Woman Problems
Still there is a serious problem about the education for daughters.
Civil Law:
Still there are too many couples which have not civil marriage and also still plural marriage continues in Turkey.
Working Life:
%30 - 40 women can find a place in working life but this percentage reduces when talking about the position of management.
Political Rights:
The participation of women in politics is very low especialy in the countryside.
The Reasons of These Problems
Social Culture:
Still there is an approach based on seem women as a "second class person".

Violance and Discrimination:
Family violence, sexual violence and incest are common behaviour in Turkish society.
Solution of These Problems
Possible solution for women in Turkish society could be;
*giving more rights and fredooms to women
*education to women about their rights
*a strong constitutional regulation on woman rights.
*a good solution to be a participant of EU because of its regulation and its supervision.
We will not never forget her.
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