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Career Presentation

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Rocio Diaz

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Career Presentation

Rocio Diaz
Career Presentation
Norma Marin
Investigative sometime include
working with ideas and require alot of thinking this cant lead for searching for fact to be able to slove the problem that their investigating.
Artistic involve working on forms,patterns and designs .And they are require to have self-expression and show the work to the partner they have to be with.
Social is when you are communicating
with, and teaching people. Some time it
involve helping or providing service to the
people that need it.
Holland code
Realistic: 5
Investigative: 12
Artistic: 20
Social: 7
Enterprising: 4
Conventional: 6
Education should consist of mathematics courses in addition to science courses such as biology , and chemistry.We have to compltas many math and science courses as possible at in high school.
The skills we i need to be a veterinarian is Science ,Critical Thinking.Active Listening, Speaking ,Reading Comprehension. .
The tasks is Giving physicals to pets such as checking their fur, skin; checking for fleas and mites in ears; checking the eyes.And also check the condition of the pets teeth; take a rectal temperature to be sure the pet is not running a fever or anything else.
The 3 plliars
The 3 pillars of character of my career are responsibility, fairness and caring.These 3 plliars are important for my career because i have to be responsible with what i do and be fair with the people i have to help them with their pets.
Teacher Interview
job preparation
The teacher is good to help me because their are making me practice to answer question and practice communication more with people.And they will help me also by studying the thing that i need to know to become a veterinarian because i need to study science and chemistry to be a veterinarian.
How can being a person of character make you a more effective employee?
How do you believe the education you receive at Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School will be relevant to your career choice?
It's going to help me because at Burton technology alliance Judy Ivie have what i need to become a veterinarian .And what i need is math and science to be able to become a veterinarian because those are the common thing we need to learn.
How will the technology offered at Burton Technology prepare you for you for your future job?
It will prepare me because the school helps me with the things i need to become a veterinarian for example i have to learn chemistry,science and have to practice how i treat people when they need help on something.
How will the teachers at Burton Technology help you in your job preparation?
The teachers will help me because i get practice on communicating more with others and teach me the skill i need to do to be able to be a veterinarian.And also by practicing to have more confident in my selfe and teachers.
How can the extra-curricular courses/activities offered at Burton Technology prepare you for your job?
The thing that the school provide us will help us in my career is that i going to have more practice on how to use the computers because the veterinarian have to use use the computers a lot to input a lot of thing or with a research.
The job i selected was to be a veterinarian.Being a
veterinarians treat diseases and injuries of pets, such as dog cats and farm animals .Also the veterinarian examines the animals to determine nature of disease or injury.
Being a good person help me in
my career because how i look sometime depend on how ill treat the other people that i talk or be with.And that's important for becoming a veterainarian because treating the people with respect is important.
Pay day
Veterinarian wage is 82,040 per year.
The teacher i interview was Mr. Homeland and he was telling me how much his English class is gonging to help me with my career. And what other thing i could do to learn more of what i want to be
Works cited
"veternairian " use Bureau of labor statistics web 25 feb. 2013

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