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History of Indonesia & East Timor

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mo lebel

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of History of Indonesia & East Timor

Half a million years ago, a man who is today called , "The Java Man", was supposedly the first ever inhabitant of Indonesia. The Beginning Later Trade And Famous Visitors Trading In Indonesia's History History Conclusion In the eight and ninth centuries, the Muslims and Muslim traders began spreading to Indonesia. Other Countries Influences On Indonesia Trade and Trade Contracts developed in between China, India and the mainland of Southeast Asia with Indonesia.

These trades brought outside things from these cultures to Indonesia. They brought Cultural Differences as well as Religion and Religious Practices
The first Indianized empire in Indonesia was what we now know as Sriwijaya. This place was known as the base for all of the trading, and where all main trading too place. Indonesia in the old times was a large and well known trading center.
Cloves, Nutmeg, Spices and other things were valuable in trade.
Other kingdoms taking over influenced Indonesia to a great degree.
Religion was greatly influenced by other Asian countries on Indonesia. The more that these people of Indonesia traveled, the more culture was brought to their people Ancestors around Indonesia, about 40,000 years ago traveled the land, ending up in New Guinea and Australia. Other kingdoms and nearby empires influenced Indonesia to a great degree. Religion was one thing that not only went about through trade, but the rulings of other kingdoms as well. Some empires, like the Majapahit Empire, once controlled and influenced Indonesia so much that is practically is what we know today as Indonesia. In trade around this time, they had discovered goods that would now go for a lot. Some of these goods were things like Spices. These Spices and such included Cloves, Nutmeg and Mace. They were worth so much because they were belived to cure the plague and other bad diseases. Marco Polo, The famous explorer visited North Sumatra somewhere near the end of the 13th century.
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