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No description

Lucy Hughes

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of colosseum

The Colosseum
Rome Cultural significance historical significance The Colosseum was built during the reign of Vespasian (emperor from 69AD-79AD) He wanted to build an amphitheater for the people where everyone could be entertained. When people were being entertained in the Colosseum it wasn't as much plays as it was gladiators battling executions and animals left out to fight till the death. I think that the Colosseum is historically important because it has been centered in Rome For many years and it can show us what the people in 70AD onwards enjoyed to do compared to what we do in our spare time now. The Colosseum
Rome aesthetic significance The Colosseum
Rome The Colosseum
Rome Where it is.... The Colosseum is Centered in Rome Italy the place that is shaped like a boot. The Colosseum used to be a large amphitheater but is now a tourist attraction. It is too fragile to hold people in the stands now, but was able to hold quite a lot back in the day. The Colosseum What is the Colosseum??? The Colosseum is a large building that was used as an amphitheater. It was for the sole purpose of entertainment and it held many different styles of entertainment. The amphitheater was so big that it was able to hold 50,000 people in one go. thank you for watching by Lucy Hughes The Colosseum was built to be an amphitheater it was built so long ago that is now aesthetically significant. It is one of the oldest buildings in Rome and it shows us how buildings used to look. the Colosseum gives us knowledge as to what was once considered a beautiful piece of work and it my eyes it is still beautiful. because of it's unique structure the Colosseum brings in a lot of tourism because of it. you can also see how the building has aged since late 70AD this is the reason why i think that the Colosseum is aesthetically significant. The Colosseum Bibliography http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ancient/romans/colosseum_01.shtml - 6/11/12
http://www.romancolosseum.info/colosseum/index.htm - 6/11/12
http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/626856/Vespasian - 9/11/12
http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history-archaeology/Secrets-of-the-Colosseum.html - 12/11/12
http://www.newsblog.aboutitaly.net 12/11/12 the Colosseum was used to entertain the people of Rome but instead of plays for entertainment the showed fights and executions and animals fighting till the death. they did these things all the time and especially the executions started to become more of a tradition. the Colosseum is culturally significant because the fighting and executions became a tradition and part of their culture because it happened so often. If you lived in Rome in that time and you hadn't gone to see an execution they would think that you were crazy to not have taken part in their culture. The Colosseum Architecture the Colosseum is made largely out of masonry walls (used for a lot of buildings most common type of masonry is brick or concrete) the Colosseum has large columns that have concentric rings which look almost like a finger print or like large arches, on either side of them and that pattern is used for the complete outside of the building. Then inside there are stands like in a stadium. and is is circular so that you can watch the fighting from any angle. the size of the Colosseum is similar to the size of the westpac stadium. you may not think that that is very big but for an amphitheater it is huge. there are so many seats or stands that you can fit 50,000 people in it now that's a lot more than the westpac stadium can.
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