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Explain how global warming and el Nino events may lead to in

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tom conn

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Explain how global warming and el Nino events may lead to in

Human affects
Increase in hurricanes and storms
Increase in droughts and forest fires
Explain how global warming and El Nino events may lead to increasing natural hazards
Warming of the sea surface temperatures from the El Nino year causes low air pressure in the east affecting countries in south America like Peru. This brings bad weather like storms as the warm water evaporates, the warm moist air rises then forming rain clouds.
Global warming is adding to this and making it worse, as it is causing an increase in the surface temperature of the water, increasing the rate that rain clouds are formed. This increases the amount of storms and hurricanes, and also the energy of them which can lead to flooding.
High pressure in the west (Australia) in El Nino years caused by descending air and cooler surface temperatures of the water. Leads to droughts and fires due to the lack of rain. Rain is not formed as the cooler waters do not evaporate in the water cycle so no rain is formed.
Global warming is adding to longer droughts and an increase in firers. As the average temperatures has risen 1.4 decrees causing warmer and drier temperatures.
Water shortages caused by lack of rain water can lead to diseases
Crop failure due to lack of water can lead to loss of farming profits and less food.
Fires destroying houses and buildings affect families and leaves people homeless.
Environmental affects
Forest fires destroying animals habitats and killing them.
Plants and trees die due to lack of water
Economic affects
Governments have to buy drinking water.
Insurance prices rise due to houses being destroyed in forest fires.
Farmers struggle to grow.crops
Prices of these crops increases as they become difficult to grow and/or import .
Melting ice caps and glaciers means that sea temperatures are rising , this in turn means that more water will evaporate and condense into clouds. Hence increasing the chances of Hydro-Meteorological disasters such as hurricanes, cyclones and floods. An effect of global warming means also that agriculture will be even more difficult in the future ,especially for those who farm near to the equator and those who heavily rely on it as their sole source of income . This will lead to malnutrition and as a consequence there will be more deaths . Education is important at this time so that they learn important things when using land for crops or cattle , there is a need to learn about crop rotation and learn not to overgraze land with animals.
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