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Saman Imran

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Surat-ul-Hujurat

Verses (11-13)
Verse 11
Reasons for Revelation
verse 11
> reason for revelation: a group from Bani Tameem made fun of some of the poor muslims including Bilal, Salman, Ammar, Khabab and many others
Before Islam, people used to have 2 or 3 nicknames. Once Prophet Muhammad, (PBUH), called a man by his nickname, and someone said to him "O messenger of Allah, that man hates it." So Allah revealed, "And do not Label each other with bad names."
Verse 13.
Advise the one who gossips to not gossip and defend the victim. At least, refuse to listen to the gossip.
it is said that this verse was revealed when Bilal climbed on top of the Ka'bah to call the athan, when the muslims liberated it during the conquest of makkah. some people looked down on him and called him a black slave.
How to be forgiven from Slandering and Backbiting?
1-Pray for forgiveness from Allah and repent.
2-Ask for forgiveness from the person who was talked about or hurt.
False Assumptions = False Thann
Forbidden Behaviour
1- Allah Prohibits Mockery and Name Calling of Others
2-Allah prohibits Hurting People based on False Assumptions
3-Spying is Haram in Islam
4-Gheebah is a Major Sin.
5-The Unity of Mankind(all people are brothers and
> know the reason behind revealing ayaat 11-13 of surat al hujurat
> learn the types of behaviour a muslim is prohibited to do towards other muslims
> learn the hadeeth of this lesson
Abu Hurayrah narrated that Rasoolullah said,
"Beware of doubting each other, for doubting and assuming is falsehood."
Do not spy. Do not be jealous of each other. Don't hate each other.
Don't abandon each other. Don't spoil the sales of each other.
O servants of Allah, be brothers and sisters. A Muslim is the brother of the Muslim; he is not unjust to him and he doesn't turn his back on him (when he is in need). He does not oppress, nor abandon, nor humiliate, nor lie
Piety is here [and the Prophet pointed to his heart]. The worst thing a Muslim can do is to humiliate his Muslim brother [or sister]. A Muslim is forbidden to hurt his Muslim brother's life, wealth or family."
A Muslim is a Muslim by name while a Believer is a Muslim by name and by heart.
A Believer proves his faith through good actions.
The difference between Islam and Iman is that Iman is the belief in the heart and mind while Islam is the good actions a person physically does based
Iman al hasan said
imam Al-Hasan Al-Basri said,
"Iman cannot happen to you by wishful thinking and it is not something for show off. Rather, it is what you deeply believe in your heart and is proven through your actions."

Iman malik said
Imam Malilk said,
'Iman is not complete without good action, and action will not be acceptable without iman."
Abu hurayrah
Abu Hurayrah narrated that Rasoolullah said,
"Allah doesn't look at how you look or you wealth, (Allah) looks at your hearts and what you do." (Reported by Muslim)
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