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Roadmap to increasing business rentals

No description

Christo Varghese

on 8 August 2015

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Transcript of Roadmap to increasing business rentals

Solutions to Business Rentals

Business Rental Brochure
Social Media
Business Rental Lead Button

Business Rental Brochure
Can be a conversation starter
Notifies them that we have this service
Gives them something to take with them and think about or give to company representatives
Provides a reference document if they want to go back and look at it later
Using Social Media
Missed opportunity=Lost revenue

Business Rentals Lead Button
To Wrap Up!
By incorporating a brochure or flyer we can give customers a hard copy of the information told to them

With the use of social media we will be able to spread the word about our business rental programs

The Business Rental Referral Button makes getting a lead much easier and can save time
Business Rental is the answer to everything- Alecia McGuire
Roadmap to Increasing Business Rentals
Christo Varghese
Craig Gentry
Erica Anderson
Timothy Nguyen

“Take care of our customers and employees first…and growth and profits will follow.”

of Business Rentals
Knowing where our competitors stand
Current Market Share at 35.1% at airport locations
Building relationships with our customers

• Ranked number 1 in Customer
Satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates
• Special Corporate Rates
• 8,600 Locations Worldwide
• 1.5 Million vehicles

Brand Awareness of Business Rental Program (Top of Mind)
Lack of employee knowledge

“When you remove layers, simplicity and speed happen” - Ginni Rometty (CEO and president of IBM)


Business Rentals Lead Button
Go to Enterprise Holdings website.
Click on Business Rentals
Fill out all the necessary information

Original steps for corporate rental

Business Rentals Lead Button
Corporate Rentals Check Box.

Similar to the CSREF button in Ecars 2.0, the corporate rentals button simplifies the once complicated process
of acquiring new corporate partners into one streamlined step.
Just click the box and you’re good to go.

New method

Mandatory Employer Box
Help us build rapport
Can increase corporate leads
Corporate accounts will lead to more cars on the road
More cars on the road = More revenue
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