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Andrew Kim

on 5 December 2009

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Transcript of Tibet

A Place filled with history Tibet has a long running history, but its main geographical features are fascinating too. With the Himalayas just to the south of Tibet, and of course the the famous Mt. Everest is located there too. Tibet can be divided into 3 regions of North, South and East, and each has a different attribute. The Eastern region has a forest region. Northern Region are open grasslands where herders usually raise yak and sheep. And the Southern region is used for cities and agricultural use, so important cities like Lhasa are in the South. Tibetans have a main religon of Tibetan Buddhism and another religon called bon, which is a ancient religon but is very similar to Buddhism, it just has a different name. This is the Tibetan Buddha There are actually no specific pictures of Bon gods because since it is so similar to Tibetan Buddhism, they incorporated in Buddhism, so the Budda looks the same. This is the typical Buddhist monk in Tibet
their uniform consists of a yellow and red robe.
They wear robes because in the ancient drawings of
the Buddha, he is shown wearing a simple robe
built from patches of cloth donated to him throughout his
life. A Lama is a teacher of Buddhism in Tibet
and is also the one to govern the country. This is the 14th Dalai Lama (1935-Present) In ancient times, China Believes that
Tibet is a part of China since they were all under the same control. China started invading Tibet to regain "their"
land back and violence is still going on . China's armies took over Tibet and are practicing executions on the monks.
People claim to hear their cries for help. From the hear of being massacred, the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans went into exile in
India. But their is hope for Tibet, many groups around the world are starting to support Tibet, even celebrities! Lets hope for the best for Tibet and hope that Tibet will not come to a bad end.
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