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Synthesis Essay

No description

Lucy A

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Synthesis Essay

How to Formulate
a Synthesis Essay
By Rachel Fallin, Lucy Archer, Carolyn Goard, Alex Chu and Cheyenne Wilson

Explain and Expand
Once you have read the sources, analyze the meaning of each of the sources.
What is the authors stance in this source?
Claims and warrants of the source's argument
In the first step, you are to
the information given.
This includes the introduction and the sources.
Read the sources
Annotate the sources
Next, you are
your essay and deciding how the sources compare with your own stance on the topic.
What is
Outline your argument for your essay
Make your claims and warrants
In this step of the synthesis essay, you are explaining and
your reasons behind your stance on the topic.
Give examples
Use outside information such as quotes, past events or people.
Write and Revise
Lastly, you are writing and
your essay.
Combine your information
Execute your argument into paragraph form
Cite your sources
Check your grammar
How to Correctly Cite a Source
Correct Citation:
Carolyn loves band (Source G).

Incorrect Citation:
In source G, the information states that Carolyn loves band.
Annotation Example
I. Introduction
A. Your stance
B. Thesis
C. Claims
II. Bodies (how ever many it takes)
A. State your claims
B. Warrants
III. Conclusion
A. Restating stance
B. Restating your best argument

Looking at these definitions, we can see that the first one fits the Synthesis Essay the best.
MLA Format
Double spaced
Times New Roman, 12 point font
1 inch margins
Header with consecutive page numbers at top right with your last name before it
Top left on first page
Your name
Teachers name
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The Score Should Reflect A Judgment Of The Essay?S Quality As A Whole. Remember That Students Had Only 40 Minutes To Read, And Write; The Essay, Therefore, Is Not A Finished Product And Should Not Be Judged By Standards Appropriate For An Out-Of-, Class Assignment. Evaluate The Essay As A Draft, Making Certain To Reward Students For What They Do Well., and All Essays, Even Those Scored 8 Or 9, May Contain Occasional Lapses In Analysis, Prose Style Or Mechanics. Such Features. All Essays, Even Those Scored 8 or 9, May Contain Occasional Lapses in Analysis, Prose Style or Mechanics. Such Features (n.d.): n. pag. Web.

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