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Commercials with Ethos,Pathos, and Logos.

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Bryce Palmer

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of Commercials with Ethos,Pathos, and Logos.

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Commercials with Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.
The main thing that uses these skills, Commercials.
Commercial 1#
1. What method are they using?
Answer 1: Pathos, and a mix of Ethos.
The commercial shows this really touching life of the girl and her father as she grows up, and that he always makes her a little swans from her gum wrapper, with the end showing she kept them all along, making it a really sweet scene don't you think?
Also at the end it says, "The little things last the longest, Give extra, get extra." Which is maybe saying to parents or others that if you give extra, of there gum of course, then you get extra, like how it is in this commercials.
What is Ethos, Logos, and Pathos?
Ethos- Ethos or the ethical appeal, means to convince an audience of the author's credibility or character.

Pathos- Pathos or the emotional appeal, means to persuade an audience by appealing to their emotions.

Logos- Logos or the appeal to logic, means to convince an audience by use of logic or reason.
Commercial 4#
1. What method are they using?
Answer 4: Ok, now say hi to the kings of 'Aww' .
You can see that this commercial totally has pathos in it, but in my opinion I think it also has a small bit of logo, because of the small but useful info it gives, which is also made to make us more sad.
Commercial 3#
1. What method are they using?
Commercial 2#
1. What method are they using?
By Bryce Palmer.
Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in Commercials.
Hello, and Welcome to my project.
Today I'll be showing the magic ways of how commercials have got us to buy things, which is Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.
So Today, we will be looking at commercials that contain these skills, and let's see you find them as well.
Answer 2: It's kind of hard to say.
But from the first part of the commercial, it shows just some teens getting ready to play soccer, at some point, they replace them with actually soccer players.
So, I guess it's saying that if you wear these then you'll be as great as the pros, also it's by nike, so this would probably count as Ethos.
Answer 3: This Commercial is totally Logos.
It gives you information on what they put in there soups, mostly making the soup there selling look better then the other with the ingredients and stuff the actors read from the other soup.

The End.
So, this is the end of the slide show project about commercials with Ethos,Pathos, and Logos.
I hope you learned something from this, have a great day!
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