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Plot Analysis

Danny Harris

on 19 March 2010

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Transcript of Stargirl

Stargirl Plot Analysis By: Haley Mauriello, Victoria
Tarpinian, and Ethan York Beginning Characters Setting Leo Borlock
Stargirl Caraway
Hillari Kimble
Wayne Parr
Dori Dilson
Archie Brubaker Mica High
The Desert
Archie's House
Leo's Bedroom
Outside Stargirl's
Mica, Arizona Conflict Climax Resolution Plot Graph Protagonist: Leo Opposing Forces: Leo's need to be popular
Leo's need to be friends with Stargirl Summary Thesis The Beginning Ends Right before the Stargirl football halftime show Stargirl Arrives Stargirl is loved Stargirl the Cheerleader Stargirl is hated Stargirl on the Hot Seat Stargirl and Starboy Susan Oratorical
Contest Ocotillo Ball Stargirl Leaves Leo struggles against himself
to be popular and friends with Stargirl which is determined by Stargirl returning from the Oratorical Contest and no one is there to support her. Antagonist: Himself Type: Man vs. Self Susan returns home from the Oratorical Contest No one greets her The opposing forces are solidified Aftermath: Susan to Stargirl
Leo doesn't take Stargirl to the Ocotillo Ball
Stargirl Leaves When Stargirl moves Why?:
Leo can be popular
Leo doesn't have to be friends with

Takes away
shunning of Leo at school How this solved the conflict:
Leo can be popular without hurting Stargirl

Why this is the resolution:
Solves the conflict more than anything else does

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