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This is all about bullying

Alika Sarah

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Bullying

Hello I'm e-mailing you to say that bullies should be put in to jail. Bulling is not something cool or a must have thing.
Different types of bullying in pictures!
Research shows that half of all children are bullied at some time during their school life.
Bullying can be done by many people such as: Children, teenagers and adults .
More than 10% of people have killed there self cause of some one tearing apart there life.
bullies on the lose
Bullying can happen any where such as: cities, rural towns and at the park ect.
Girls bully in small and large groups more than boys do.
Girls tend to bully to using more emotional words and bring up others pasts.
Research has proven that girls are becoming more physical then in they have been in the past.
subject: bullies are mean
Later That Day...
Well Well Well?! What do we have here
so you got my homewrok
wheres your lunch money
I dont have to take that from a dude who wears tights
i was just making my bed
well i hope you like cleaning my underwear mine are kinda dirty right now!! "REALLY I HAVENT WASHED THEM IN 2YRS MY WORLD RECORD"
i've been wearing my ranger suit for three years straight and iom not leaving this life because its cool!!
even later...
power rangers I'm afraid if you keep this up I think Ill tell you're "PARENTS"
sup john looks like you gave up on being the green ranger
I gave up because i m against bullies
John did the right thing and got help. always get help no matter how tight their leggings are stand up and get speak out.
I cant take being bullied by those power rangers no more time to self destruct
Hey you black ranger put you're hand's in the air where i can see them. You are under arrested for bulling bones and now because of you he killed him self and lots of innocent people.
OK will stop
what did you say
i must be thinking stuff i think i better go to the Doctor
Will the black ranger get stay a bully!?
Will he ever get out of jail!?
Where are all the other power rangers!?
Will bullying ever stop!?
By Alika-Sarah Mensah
You guys are only doing this to me cause i gave up being a green ranger. ONE of you guys I'm not about that life I'm sorry
They made this person kill their self just like John said someone will do
Types of bullying
Bullying can end like
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