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Tragedy in Dallas

Understand the tragic chain of events surrounding President Kennedy's assassination.

Reginald Smith

on 23 March 2012

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Transcript of Tragedy in Dallas

Tragedy in Dallas Fall of 1963: Public opinion polls showed that Kennedy was losing popularity because of his advocacy of Civil Rights Four Days in November President Johnson is sworn in Following the assassination at 12:30 p.m., law enforcement officials began a search of the Texas School Book Depository building. A perch of cartons, three spent cartridge shells and a brown paper bag were discovered by the southeast corner window of the sixth floor around 1:12 p.m. Only 45 minutes after the shots rang out in Dealey Plaza, Dallas Police Officer J. D. Tippit was murdered in the Oak Cliff section of the city. Thirty-five minutes later, suspect Lee Harvey Oswald, a clerk at the Texas School Book Depository, was in police custody. Oswald was later charged with both murders. Less than 48 hours after the assassination, Oswald was murdered in the basement of Dallas Police Department headquarters by local nightclub operator Jack Ruby.

Funeral of John F. Kennedy Unanswered Questions Bizarre chain of events made some people wonder if Oswald was part of a conspiracy... In 1963, the Warren Commission investigated and concluded that Oswald had shot the president while acting on his own. In 1979, a reinvestigation concluded that Oswald was part of a conspiracy. Investigators also said that two persons may have fired at the president
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