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Suicide Notes By Michael Thomas Ford

No description

amalee nunnally

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Suicide Notes By Michael Thomas Ford

Suicide Notes By Michael Thomas Ford

About the Novel and Author
Michael Thomas Ford has written over 50 books. The genres of his books are very diverse, but he mostly writes about controversial topics for young adults.

This particular book is about a boy named Jeff who tried to commit suicide. Ford wrote the story to show what life is like for many gay teenagers who are treated differently because of their sexual orientation.
Protagonist/ Antagonist
Protagonist Jeff
"It made me a little happier to think that I wouldn't have to hide from anyone ever again."
Antagonist Jeff
"I really don't care. Crazy is crazy. You either are or you aren't. Like they are and I'm not. It's pretty simple. "
The theme of this book is to not conform to society. Another theme is that you probably have more in common with people than you think.
What's the Book About?
This story starts with a boy waking up in the mental ward of a hospital. He vaguely explains throughout the story how he got there, why he tried to commit suicide, and his views on the other patients and doctors in the hospital. A few months into his treatment, a new patient, Rankin, arrives and Jeff realizes that he is gay, and his crush that caused his suicide attempt may be more than just a crush. As hard as he tries to convince himself that its just hormones, or just a phase, he knows deep down what is really going on.
The main conflict in the story is Jeff's internal struggle of admitting to himself that he is gay. He also disagrees with his doctor about his treatment and if he really should be stuck in the hospital.
Protagonist- Jeff, the main character. The side of him that is not afraid of being judged.
Antagonist- Jeff telling himself that he is not like the rest of the patients, and refusing to be who he really is for fear of being judged by other people.
Theme Quote
"It"s funny how now, these crazies seem less crazy. We all have reasons why we were shipped off to camp loony toons."
Point of View
This book is written in first point of view from Jeff's perspective.
Point of View Quote
“I knew people were talking, but I wasn't listening. I wasn't interested in anything anyone had to say.”
The most memorable aspect of this book for me was how raw and real the author was about how gay teenagers are treated. I was very surprised at the cruelty of people. The author is gay himself and writes his stories based on his own experiences. I would recommend this to someone else because its a page turning read and sends an important message.
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