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Mindsets in the Classroom

No description

Briantria Evans

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Mindsets in the Classroom

Keep in mind...
"An educator with a growth mindset believes that with effort and hard work from the learner, all students can demonstrate significant growth and therefore all students deserve opportunities for challenge."

-Ricci, pg. 2
Mindsets in the Classroom
Chapter 4
Why is critical thinking important?
Critical Thinking Growth Mindset Project
Purpose and Study Sample
Students' Reactions
Teacher Results
Chapter 5
How can students learn from failure?
- Response
- Consequences
- Parent Involvement
Attribution Theory
Ability, effort, task difficulty, and luck
Effort, Persistence, and Motivation
"Potential can never be "full"; it is never ending and our possibilities are infinite."

-Ricci, pg. 8
Definition- process of strategies; not a set of skills
Making judgements and decisions
Problem solving
Overall take away: "We can expect students to embrace challenge only if we make it available to them on a consistent basis."

-Ricci, pg. 65
Malleable Intelligence vs. Fixed View
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