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How Good Is Our Culture and Sport

HGIOC&S - Outdoor Learning Service, Community Wellbeign

liz brookes

on 17 December 2010

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Transcript of How Good Is Our Culture and Sport

HGIOC&S Outdoor Learning 2.1 Impacts for participants How good are we?
How good can we be?
How do we get there?
Is it sustainable? Performance data Direct observation SOAP
Secondary Outdoor Adventure Programme
P5/6 Stakeholders’ views Relevant documentation Where are we now?
Level 6 excellent – outstanding, sector leading
Level 5 very good – major strengths
Level 4 good – important strengths with areas for improvement
Level 3 satisfactory – strengths just outweigh weaknesses
Level 2 weak – important weaknesses
Level 1 unsatisfactory – major weaknesses Motivation of participants
Quote from participant "Being self motivated has helped me in many competitions
such as xc running and mountainbiking as it helps me to stay focused and keep going no matter how well or bad im doing. It has also helped me when training for many sports so I can keep training no matter what the weather is(Helps alot in Scotland). It has also helped when studying for exams as if you are not self motivated you will have no chance off sitting down to revise."
NOW - High level of motivation, self motivated to join programme by applying for a place and attending a selection
weekend after a school lifetime of access to Outdoor Learning.
IMPROVE - Encourage participants that are not already motivated
The extent to which participants are motivated and actively involved in cultural and sporting activities
The extent to which participants report that services are enabling them to enjoy participation and achieve success in cultural and sporting activities

Focusing on learners’ holistic development and life chances
Selection Process - criteria/norm
Skill level gained to enable further independent progression...
NNAS Award Silver
Leave No Trace practitioner
Personal development programme
Business Plan edubuzz limesurvey
Website comments
Feedback/Review embedded into session
Informal discussion
Parent feedback/thanks Self Evaluation for Improvement Evaluation Programme
Publicised through School Outdoor Learning contacts & Website
Website reports including photographs/video
Feedback (emails, comments on web)
Evaluation (limesurvey)
Staff work diaries
Business Plan linked with SOA
Scorecard Programme flexible for participants to shape
Feedback embedded into session
High quality resources available
Team of 9 pupils from 4 different East Lothian secondary schools
Positive and responsive group
Voluntary participation given up own time to complete course (some taken time off work) http://edubuzz.org/limesurvey/admin/admin.php http://edubuzz.org/blogs/eloes/2010/11/15/summer-mountain-skills/



https://docs.google.com/View?id=dpxn58s_70dq8hqfcc&pageview=1 http://edubuzz.org/blogs/eloes/2010/08/21/soap-selection-by-rainbows-and-moonlight/ http://edubuzz.org/blogs/eloes/2010/11/28/work-experience-week-by-ciaran-from-dgs/ ...aimed at progressing senior pupils to allow them to leave school as more skilled, confident and independent aspiring mountaineers SilverNational Navigation Award -http://www.nnas.org.uk/nnas_scheme/syllabus/NNAS-silver-award.shtml

NICAS Level 2 Award, see http://www.nicas.co.uk/hbsyllabus.aspx#L2

Leave No Trace Practitioner, see http://lnt.org Location of Evidence Location of Evidence Location of Evidence Location of Evidence Enjoyment
Quote from participant "I feel that outdoor learing has made me a more allround individual and has shaped my personality. it has also given me many life skills such as confidence and the abilty to make friends".
NOW - High Level of enjoyment is shown with pupils continously giving up their own free time to take part.
IMPROVE - Challenge & Personal Best
Quote from participant "It has made me determind to succeed as though trying hard and working as a team i have shown myself that i can achieve my goals"
NOW - Each individual is encouraged to push their perceived physical limitations and learn about risk management. Eash individual is encouraged to gain awards available and set realistic targets
IMPROVE - Set more tangable targets? Inclusiveness
Quote from participant "I like how the group is very close and everyone gets on great. Many outdoor experiences for me with groups of people of similar age have seemed to result in smaller groups being formed. At SOAP everyone works and has fun together"
NOW - All inclusive and open to any S5 or S6 pupil in an East Lothian. A high reliance on schools outdoor education coordinators to publicise, therefore a varied response from each school.
IMPROVE - Seek funding to enable students from lower income families to take part. Look into increased publicity strategies.
Quote from participant "It has motivated me to become more active and to make the most of my life as I feel privileged to have to opportunity to take part in outdoor education".
NOW - The course is designed to enable pupils to improve their skill level and continue mountaineering independently.
IMPROVE - Social well being
Quote from participant "They are a very inportant part of my life and I believe i could not cope in life without them. As they give me a sense of freedom and respect for the world."
NOW - successfully engaging with pupils from other cluster schools outwith the course eg facebook
IMPROVE - recruit from all 6 secondary schools.
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