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kenz gerow

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of WEDAY

What is WEDAY?
We Act is a comprehensive educational program that inspires a generation to care about social issues and provides the practical tools to turn that inspiration into action. Through We Day and We Act, young people discover that it’s cool to care. The impact? Millions of dollars raised for local and global causes. Millions of hours volunteered. Lifelong passion for a better world.
How it started.
Free the Children is a children’s charity, associated with weday, founded in 1995 by child’s rights advocate Craig Kielburger. We Day was created to “empower, educate, and above all, inspire”. Since 2007, this annual event has featured a lineup of social activists, speakers and musical performances. It is the start of a year-long initiative encouraging students to participate in Free the Children’s campaigns, which raise awareness and funds for local and international projects.
Who goes?
This year in Saskatoon we had; Marc and Craig Kielburger (founders), 15,000 students, Chief Felix, Martin Luther King lll, NBA legend Magic Johnson, We Day Veteran Tyler Shaw, Spoken word artist Chris Tse and the Kenyan Boys Choir, Donisha Prendergast (one of Bob Marley’s granddaughters), Spencer West, Kay, Karl Wolf, Shawn Desmen, Bill Doyle, CEO and President of PotashCorp, and many more special guests.
Whats the point?
Our generation is the youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow, weday helps us by showing us ways we can change our world to make our future better. Children stand up everyday around the world to improve there lives and the lives of others around them, WEDAY celebrates that and encourages us to stand up and be the change
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