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Sobri Park

No description

thames thames

on 3 October 2015

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Transcript of Sobri Park

About Sobri Park
Sobri park is a very nice place were you can go camping with your family or with your friends or as a class trip.
Sobri Park
One of my favourite fun park
It is kindful, playful and fun place.
Fun activities
There are many fun activities
Laser war
Bull riding
Boat sliding
Wall climbing
Bull riding is a fun activity it is controled by a panel.
If you visit Sobri park you can try out archery with a real bow and arrow.
It is a fun activity and also a good activity because here you need to use your strength and your power.
It is a scary activity because you get to be lunched into the water at a high speed.
It is a great activity for boys, because they like to shoot things.
Here you can race with your friends, like in a real car race.
It is the best fun activity you can do on the water.
Other activities
You can try out bob
When its a nice weather you can swim in the lake and use a slide
Adventure park
Water Zorbing
Tree climbing
Adventure castle
Water obstacle course
Water ball
Camp fire at night
About adventure park
Here is Hungary's longest wire park with a distance of 150 meters and there is a part were you can slide above the lake it is great fun.
You must need to see and try this once!!!
by: Marci
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