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Green Computing

54 Hours from Concept to Company

heba ahmed

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Green Computing

Usage lot of Electricity:
Green Computing
Causes for Green Computing

"Containing dangerous metals like lead, cadmium and mercury which can contaminate air and water when they are dumped.''
"When disposed off improperly devices that contains cables. , these materials contain elements that work their way into our water table."
Is Green Computing Good For Business?
Green Computing
-What Is Green Computing ?
- Causes
- Approaches
- Advantages
- Answers of the case study Questions
''negative impact on the
environment and firm’s
operating cost''
Toxic waste:
The study and practice of designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of computers, servers, and associated subsystems efficiently and effectively with minimal or no impact on the environment."
Power Management
Approaches to Green Computing
Run two or more logical computer systems on one set of physical hardware.

Hence power and cooling consumption will be reduced.

Reduces the number of servers and storage resources in the
firm’s IT infrastructure.
Allows an operating system to directly control the power-saving aspects of its underlying hardware.
It automatically turn off components such as monitors and hard drives after set periods of inactivity
Donate your computer components to people who may not have or have lesser quality computers
Parts from the outdated systems, such as gold, glass, plastic, nickel and other elements, can be salvaged and recycled through spme recycling center.
Reduces energy usage.

Conserves resources.

Saves money.

Saves the environment.
What business and social problems does data center power consumption cause?
Should all firms move
toward green computing? Why or why not?
What solutions are available for these problems?
What are the business cost and benefits of these solutions?
From the business perspective it increases the operating cost of firms and from the social perspective it may contribute to pollution,
for example emission
of carbon dioxide.
Building data centers that take advantage of hydro electric power.
: Google and Microsoft are
building data centers that take advantage of
hydroelectric power.

Data centers can improve their space and energy efficiency through storage consolidation and virtualization.

: recycling 1 million laptops saves the energy to the electercity of 3500 U.S homes.
The benefits are:
-Efficient use of power through reduced power usage which leads to reduced cost.
-Conserving resources through recycling of hardware.
The costs are:
upfront cost (Investment & Training)
Yes they should move towards green computing because it allows
them to use energy efficiently and reduce their cost and from the environmental side it also reduces the impact of global warming .
It isn’t always necessary to purchase new
technologies to achieve “green” goals. Organizations can achieve sizable efficiencies by better managing the computing resources they already have.
Facts From CS
- According to a report by the Alliance to Save Energy, a company with 10,000 personal computer desktops will spend more than $165,000 per year in electricity bills if these machines are left on all night.This practice is wasting around $1.7 billion each year in the United States alone.

-Although many companies establish default PC
power management settings, about 70 percent of
employees turn these settings off.

-City University of New York adopted Verdiem’s
Surveyor software to turn off its 20,000 PCs when
they are inactive at night. Surveyor has trimmed 10
percent from CUNY’s power bills, creating an annual
savings of around $320,000.

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