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HR News, September 2015

All Staff update on what's going on in HR

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of HR News, September 2015

Since last July Ventura supports ETf with travel arrangements
Every two years, ETf staff is called to select the new SC
Questions? Ask HR!
Ventura S.p.a. is our new travel agency
Election for the new ETF Staff Committee
Analysis of ETF Expertise Areas

Friday 11 September 2015
Vol. MMXV, No. 1
What's new for ETF staff
Health care services, enhanced
A process that started last year enters now the next stage
360 assessment: state of play and next steps
Psycho-socio support
is now available, following recommendations of the latest work-related stress risks assessment

New Call for Tender for
medical services
(currently Fiat Sepin) to be launched

Review of
medical prevention programmes
by JSIS. ETF is considering an extension of the scope of the current Annual Check-up
HR News
People, at the heart of ETF
"Identifying the existing pool of
to match it to the needs for expertise provision in view of reaching ETF 2020 objectives"

State of play
: interviews with the ETF managers and SPLs on-going

Project leader
: Jenny with Giulia, Roberto and Doriana

Read more on scope, definitions, methodology and timeline on the Intranet:
> For me
> My professional life
> ETF expertise areas analysis
Publication of eligible staff and official call for candidatures: 11/09

Election day: 21/10

Postal vote is allowed

Read more in the Headlines
A workshop is planned for 13 October for collective development

Several initiatives are on-going for individual development
A survey benchmarked with more that 20 other agencies
Staff Satisfaction Survey 2015
Preparatory work on-going

Survey open: October 2015

Final report: November 2015

Presentation to EMT, staff: TBD

Action plan: TBD
Read more the Intranet:
> For my work
> Going on mission
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