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How to set and execute on your goals with ease!

Learn the tools necessary to begin setting and executing on goals with relative ease in this 1 hour presentation.

Anthony DeSimone

on 1 January 2015

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Transcript of How to set and execute on your goals with ease!

How to Set your Goals with Ease
Do you define your goal in a clear and concise fashion to ensure the goal is measurable and realistic?
Do you have a "mentor" system in place that keeps you accountable for the goals you set?
Do you write your goals down?
Lack of belief or skepticism
Fear of failure
Laziness (stay in comfort zone)
Do not have goal minded mentors/friends
Top Reasons Why People Fail to Create Goals
Learn how to "goal"
Find a mentor
Keep it in your control
Create the habit
Be a great student!
Embrace Failure
Best Practices to Ensure Goal Completion
Creating Professional & Personal Achievement
84% - No Specific Goals
13% - Had goals but they were not written down
3% - Had goals and wrote them down
Harvard MBA Graduate Survey
Question asked: Have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?
For Every $ of salary earned by the 84% that didn't set goals
The 13% that had goals but didn't write them down made $3X.
The 3% that had and wrote down goals made $10X.
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is right now.
- Chinese proverb
Do you set goals?
Do you break your goal into milestones and action items with due dates to ensure completion in a desired timeframe?
Do you share your goal with those in the company that need to know about it or can benefit from it?
Top Reasons Why People Fail to Complete Goals
Laziness (again!)
Fail to see quick results
Lack support from your circle of influence
Unrealistic goal
Lack of accountability

Only enter one name for the person responsible to complete the action item
Always enter an expected completion date
The most successful people fail the most - they see failure as a stepping stone to success.
Spend less time with the day to day activities in operations

Spend less time with the day to day activities in purchasing

Spend less time with the day to day activities in manufacturing

Spend less time putting out fires

Get help with the quoting process

Create enterprise value

Spend more time on sales and with customers

Spend more time on innovative fixture design

How to Set and Complete 100% of your Goals
Presented by: Anthony DeSimone
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