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AP English

Michael Johnson

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of THE GREAT GATSBY Project


Chapter #4
Chapter #2
Chapter #1
Thank you

Chapter #5
Chapter #6
Chapter #7
Chapter #8
Chapter #9
At the end of chapter one, we are given a glimpse of Gatsby's deep aspirations and burning love for Daisy, his first love. Upon finishing "The Great Gatsby," I have come to fully understand the symbolic meaning of the green light that Nick describes seeing Gatsby's outstretched arm extending towards; despite its greater, more universal meaning involving the American dream, I want to focus more on its symbolic meaning pertaining to Gatsby. The green light represents all that Gatsby wants, which is so close to him yet still very far away. I have chosen this song as the theme of chapter one because it resonates very well with that ending scene in chapter one and the possible thoughts that Gatsby might had been thinking when he looked at that green light. From the intro lines- "Too far away to feel you, but I can't forget your skin. Wonder what you're up too, what state of mind you're in"- to the chorus- "That's when I run, all of these thousand miles to get you back"- it portrays feeling of determination and chasing after someone you love; Gatsby's constant reach for Daisy. The song also ask that important question: "will you stay with me?" A question Gatsby himself never had the chance to find out.

In Chapter 2, we are introduced to Tom mistress, Myrtle, who he meets up with in New York. I have chosen Banks "Drowning" as the theme song of chapter 2 because it deals with the aspects of cheating and not being worthy enough for one's love, but it also deals with one's incapability to leave a relationship involving a cheater. This song pertains to the character Daisy and what she might be facing in the relationship with Tom. This song ask an important question: "why do you stay?" which pertains to both Tom and Daisy. If Tom love Myrtle, why does he stay with Daisy? And if Daisy knows that Tom is cheating, why does she stay with him? This song exposes that there are forces- whether internal or external- that would prompt one to stay in an unhealthy relationship.
In this chapter, I focus on Daisy's wedding scene and her reaction to the letter sent by Gatsby. I think Banks "Someone New" is a perfect theme song for this chapter simply because of that scene. "Everything I do, I'm gonna think of you. Everything I make, I only make for you. Baby be patient for me. And please don't fall in love with someone new." Every time I hear those lines, I couldn't help but think that that's what Gatsby wrote in his letter. A letter so convincing, it made Daisy cry and almost call of the wedding with Tom. The song's melancholic tone and mood also adds to the Dramatic sense of that scene.
During chapter 5, Gatsby and Daisy finally meet each other after their parting in the past, thanks to Nick. This chapter, in my opinion, is the most magical chapter- two lovers coming together after a long time apart to share moments once locked away. It was as if they were in a world of their own which Zara Larsson's "uncover" a perfect theme song for chapter 5. "Nobody sees, Nobody knows, We are a secret, can't be exposed," a line that symbolizes the start of Gatsby's and Daisy's secret affair. The chorus ("That's when we uncover, cover, cover...") express the love Gatsby and Daisy share with one another when they are alone far from the outside world.
Ellie Goulding-"Love me like You Do" is a an appropriate fit for chapter 6 because it pertains to the feelings of Gatsby and how he yearns for Daisy to show the world her love for him. On page 109 of "The Great Gatsby," Nick states- "He wanted nothing less of Daisy than that she should go to Tom and say: "I never loved you"..." Gatsby desperately wanted Daisy to leave Tom and express her true love towards him which goes back to the song that states- " you can see the world you brought to life" which pertains to the fact that everything Gatsby did is because of Daisy and if she wants to experience life with Gatsby, she has to leave her old one. The chorus ("love me like you do...") is basically saying, in context to Gatsby, if you really love me, then you should have no problem leaving your current life for me which is what Gatsby want Daisy to do.
Chapter 8 expose the back story as to how Gatsby's love for Daisy came into existence. Daisy was the first nice girl Gatsby had ever known; "he found her excitingly desirable." Daisy had lit up Gatsby's world and he didn't care if he had to obtain her using false facilities, he was going to have her be his. Banks- "Warm water" is a love song about trying to get someone, whom you love, to fall in love with you. I love the line "and if you want to walk away, I'll tell you all the things I know you want to hear," because it's a perfect line that describes Gatsby's behavior when he was trying to win over Daisy.
This is the last chapter of "The Great Gatsby," and, for me, the most saddest chapter of them all. In chapter 8 we learned that Gatsby was murdered by Mr. Wilson who thought Gatsby was responsible for his wife's death. In this chapter we learn the nature of Gatsby's life- he came from nothing and he dead with nothing. No one came to his funeral except for his father and Nick. Despite his death, Gatsby loved Daisy till the very end and no one could have changed his mind about his pursue. Hozier- "Work song" would be an appropriate theme song for chapter 9 because although the story is different, the song still express that devoting love one has for another where not even death can stop that love and I think that really relates to Gatsby and his love for Daisy. "When, my, time comes around, lay me gently in the cold dark earth. No grave can hold my body down, I'll crawl home to her," even in death, I can still see Gatsby chasing that in which he could never have.

At this point of the novel, tensions are starting to rise. Tom becomes aware of Gatsby's intentions and he looks to thwart them before he could cause any further damage to his relationship with Daisy. Nick describes the day as scorching hot which already sparks discomfort. The main characters decides to go to town, where everything then spirals downward. Gatsby confesses to Tom that Daisy and him were getting together and that she never loved Tom, while Tom is exposing Gatsby's secrets about his criminal work. At this point tension starts to grow as Daisy is placed on the spotlight and then Gatsby who was " broken up like glass against Tom's hard malice." Florence- "Breath of life" is an appropriate theme song for chapter 7 because the whole song is like a build of tension in its own sense. You have the urge to do something, but at the same time if you conscience in the back of your head saying "no,no,no,no," and then you confuse yourself- build the tension. This song speaks out more towards Daisy because she was the one that broke; she couldn't handle the situation anymore nor the questions she was being asked. She wanted both Gatsby and Tom to stay quit and just drop the subject. Perhaps Daisy wanted everything to stay a secret or maybe she wasn't ready to make up her mind. When I heard this song, I imagine the events playing out as the song progresses because it helps to build that climax. I continue this all the way to when Daisy kills Myrtle and then continues to drive- ending the song.
The Emphasis of chapter 3 was all about Gatsby's luxurious parties; this chapter captures that ecstatic and euphoric sense of parties during the 1920s through Gatsby's blissful parties. From drinking to your hearts content to dancing without a care in the world, these parties were the definition of the roaring 20s. Fergie- ("A little party never killed nobody") would be an appropriate theme song for this chapter because it brings out that bliss and carefree sense of Gatsby's parties. "Right here, right now is all we got," was the mind set of many people during 1920s. The song also incorporates that 20s theme through its beats, but with a modern twist; however, it is still a perfect song that depicts the scenes in chapter 3.
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