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Cell Theory

No description

emily deflavis

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Cell Theory

Cell Theory By: Emily, Tara, Connor Cell Theory -All Cells come from other cells
-All living things are made of cells
-Cell are the basic unit of structure Hans and Janssen Zacharias Janssen was credited for inventing the first
microscope with help from his farther, Hans, in 1592. Hans and Zacharias worked together to a make the lens of eyeglasses in Middleburg. Robert Hooke Robert Hooke is an English scientist who discovered cells
and therefore named them in 1665. He thought he found cells in cork slices but it wasn't it was the cell wall. He used the term cells to describe the cell walls in plants. Cell comes from the Latin word that means small
compartment. Anton van Leeuwenhoek Anton van Leeuwenhoek was a Dutch biologist who was the first person to see live cells and called them animicules in 1676. He also made microscope lenses better that could magnify 250X. He made over 400 microscopes and was the fist person to observe bacteria, protozoa, and red blood cells in animals and humans. Matthias Schleiden Matthais Schleiden, a German botanist, discovered
that all plants are made from a single cell in 1837. He said that cells are the "basic building block" of plant matter. Schleiden was a main contributor to the cell theory. Theodor Schwann Theodor Schwann, a german biologist, with the help from Matthias Shleiden, discovered all animals are made from cells in 1837. He ended the mystery that plants cells and animals cells were different structures. He was also a main contributor to the cell theory. Rudolf Virchow Rudolph Virchow, a german pathologist discovered
all cell come from living cells, or as he said, "Omnis cellula e cellula", in 1858. He also discovered that the cell theory
applies to sick tissue and healthy tissue. He was one of the main contributors to the cell theory. Hans and Zacharias Janssen
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