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Gemstones user guide

Easy to use guide that helps users get to grip with the databse

Manoj Shenbagaraman

on 11 October 2010

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Transcript of Gemstones user guide

Welcome to User Guide Contents What you need to install Microsoft Access Microsoft 2003- Xp At least 256 MB(mega bytes) of memory Computer speed of 500MHz A 1.5 GB hard drive How to install Access 1.
Put your microsoft office installation cd/dvd, it starts up a wizard, click install to start 2.
Select CUSTOM INSTALL. In the text box underneath the Install Type section, enter a location where you want the installation files stored on the hard drive. Click NEXT. 3.
Check the box labeled ACCESS to include Access in the installation. Click NEXT.
Click FINISH to start the installation. How to open the database From a mail merge to the staff all staff would have got a copy of the database Do not open but press save and SAVE into an adequete folder Press NO to unblocking unsafe expressions then press OPEN How to navigate using a switchboard It is very simple, the switchboard it easy to use. Simply press the tab next to the option you want to go to How to open forms Simply click the forms tab on the switchboard and press one tab in there How to add/edit information It is the same as opening forms. In various tabs there are options to edit or add information. These are shown in the guise of yet more tags. How to run a report/query 1. In the database there is an objects line and in that there are the tabs reports and queries. 2. Afterwards select create using wizard. The wizard then runs through the essentials and askes what you want to put in from other fields. 3. Follow through the staps the wizard asks you to take and when you are satisfied click finish and a new report/ query will be rewady. How to complete the mail merge 1. Open word, go to TOOLS, then LETTERS and MAILINGS and select MAIL MERGE 2. Go through the six steps, select a plain template if you have not written the letter yet. For recipients first select the database then select the specific table you need. E.g. for customers letters select customer ID. 3. Write your letter and put address blocksand greeting lines in. To get all the information when address block comes up press match fields and the other infromation can be added as the default setting is to only present the surname. 4. Preview the letter to check it, if there are any faults repeat step 3. Finish and send the letters to customers via email address
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