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Foul Trouble

No description

Noah Hamilton

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Foul Trouble

Foul Trouble
John Feinstein

Rising Action
Falling Action
Terrell Jamerson
Danny Wilcox
Terrel Jamerson Moves to Lexington, Massachusetts.
The highschool team, The Lexington Minutemen, become a lot better once Terrell starts playing.
Danny gets scolarships from big time schools because the schools think having him on there team will make Terrell come.
Danny and Coach Wilcox drive to basketball camp called "School Comes First"
Coach Wilcox
Andy Wilcox is Danny Wilcoxes dad.
He is also the coach of the Lexington Rebels and the summer league team, The Rebels.
He is the one that keeps his team away from getting in trouble with the NCAA.
Coach is strict and always likes to know where all his players are so no one gets in trouble.
Terrell Jamerson is six feet seven inches tall and African American.
He moved from Hartford, Connecticut to Lexington Massachusetts.
He is one of the best highschool basketball players in the nation.
He can dunk with either hand, get lots of rebounds, and shoots 47% of his outside shots.
Terrell is not the smartest and could be tricked into doing something bad.
Danny Wilcox is six feet tall and white.
Danny analyzes the game, just doesnt play it.
He is hardworking because he isn't naturally amazing at basketball.
He knows all the history of the game and is very smart.
Danny knows who are the bad people and who aren't.
He keeps Terrell away from the bad people... well, he tries.
The book took place in present time. The characters have phones and stuff like that. It takes place in Lexington, Massachusetts. This is where they live and where their highschool is. The book also takes place at the basketball camp they attend. Some main events happen here.
When the Rebels are at the basketball camp and Omar Wythlaw, a great basketball player, breaks his back after showing off.
When the Rebels win the championship game at the camp.
When Danny and Terrell are deciding where to go to college.
When Terrell does drugs with Eddie J, a guy who is always doing the bad stuff.
I think the climax of the book would be when The Lexington Minutemen won the high school championship. I think this was the cilmax because it was like the turning point in the story. After that everything started to get wrapped up.
I think the falling action was when Terrell got a small concusion and couldn't play. Also all of the scouts and agents weren't there because thay were only there for the money, which is a HUGE part of the story
I think the resolution was when Terrell and Danny decided where to go to colloege. They both chose Harvard. I think this is the resolution because it is answering probabaly the biggest question of the story
I think the theme of the book is "know who your true friends are." I think this is the theme because in the book everyone wants to hangout with Terrell and sponsor him. But when he got injured and couldn't play none of the agents talked to him because the agents couldn't make money off of him. So, the agents only hung out with him to make money, not because they liked Terrell.
"I'm not leaving my point guard, Harvard." I think this is the most important quote because it shows that Terrell knows to stay with his real friends. Don't just go for money
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