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No description

Stefan Wanke

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Parkour

by Stefan Wanke Parkour Structure Parkour What is that?
Where can I train?
What do I need?
Isn't Parkour too dangerous? Origin David Belle
Méthode Naturelle Training strength
technique Philosophy Tricks and techniques Sources Parkour What is that? fastest way
from point A to B kind of sport Point B A Point direct way over obstacles Origin David Belle official founder of Parkour Parkour Where can I train? Locations indoor outdoor Parkour What do I need? Parkour Isn't Parkour
too dangerous? No! You just have to be careful Origin Méthode Naturelle free art of movement through the nature Training strength daily training is very useful but is not required very important regular training can increase your condition condition technique most important requirement
daily training is very helpful Philosophy Parkour is not a competition.

Its a challenge against you and against your own body.

respect your environment and people around you Sources
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