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Deception and Lies: The Great Gatsby

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Gianna Gordon

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of Deception and Lies: The Great Gatsby

Deception and Lies: The Great Gatsby
By Evan Knight. Rachel Oldendorf. Gianna Gordon.

Celebrity Comparison:Lance Armstrong
Just as Jay Gatsby in "The Great Gatsby", lied to his friends, including Nick Carraway about his past life, Lance Armstrong lied to the sports world and the public about his use of steroids.
1920s Music
Presence of Deception and Lies in The Great Gatsby
In the novel "The Great Gatsby", by F. Scott Fitzgerald, deception and lies is extremely prevalent in not only the whole novel, but individual characters. The era of the roaring 20's that is set for the novel is closely related to this theme because characters in the novel portray deception towards others, much like Jay Gatsby, the protagonist, but also self deception, towards themselves, much like Daisy Buchanan.
"I don't care", says Daisy Buchanan, lover of Gatsby and married to Tom Buchanan. ( page 111.)
"They were careless people- Tom and Daisy. They smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up their mess they made." ( page 178 ).
Gatsby Quote
Jay Gatsby, protagonist of the novel, portrays the theme of deceive and lies in the novel within his character. Rumors arise within the city of New York about Jay Gatsby, the man who throws all the extravagant parties, and in particular people talk about how he killed a man, and simply his past life.

Character that Portrays Deception and Lies: Jay Gatsby
Narrator of the novel Nick Carraway gets the opportunity to speak to Jay over lunch, and he asks him questions about his past life, and realizes that Jay perhaps is lying because he has something to hide, or even is slightly embarrassed of his past. Gatsby portrays deception and lies, which makes the novel centered around this theme as well.
"I suppose he'd had the name ready for a long time, even then. His parents were shiftless and unsuccessful farm people- his imagination had never really accepted them as his parents at all. The TRUTH was that Jay Gatsby of West Egg, Long Island, sprang from his Platonic conception of himself. He was a son of God- a phrase which, if it means anything, means just that- and he must be about His father's business, the service of a vast, vulgar, and meretricious beauty." - Nick Carraway
This quote from the novel portrays the thoughts the narrator, Nick had after him and Gatsby had a long conversation about Gatsby's past life. Nick hears out Gatsby, but doesn't at all believe him. This quote from Nick Carraway shows how others see Gatsby, unlike how Gatsby sees himself.
Lance Armstrong, a consecutive winner of the Tour De France, from the years of 1999 to 2005, was stripped of his titles, due to the consequence of using steroids to enhance his ability. The public, as well as the sports world was in shock to know that this amazing athlete, was cheating the whole time, and indeed also lied about it.
This quote directly from Daisy shows how not only Jay Gatsby lied and deceived people in the novel, but so did Daisy. In earlier chapters we learn that Gatsby and Daisy are past lovers, and as they re kindle Daisy and Gatsby kiss in a room that her husband had just left.
We as readers know this is false because Daisy later denies her love for Gatsby to her husband, and does care what he as to say, and who publicly sees their love for one another.
1920s Advertisement
Contemporary comparison music
Contemporary Comparison Advertisement- Burger King
1920s Film
Contemporary Comparison Film-Lion King
Said by Nick Carraway, this quote describes exactly how Tom and Daisy "deceived", people around them. Nick towards the end of the noel begins to discover the true people that the Buchanans, and basically everyone in the New York area were. He's disgusted at how these individuals could do this to other people around them.
1920s Music
Contemporary Music
We chose the song "Love the Way you Lie", by Rihanna and Eminem because the title speaks for itself. The meaning of the song is from the perspective of a girl and guy who are going through tough times in their relationship, and the girl keeps saying that she loves the way he lies, because she's still in love with him and loves his weaknesses, like lying. We think this relationship compares to Jay and Nick;s friendship, because even though Jay has lied about his past, Nick still stands by him and thinks he is "the best of all the bunch."
You Can't Believe My Eyes
by: Leonard Joy and Irene Bordoni
Love The Way You Lie
by: Eminem and Rihanna
1920's Advertisement
The advertisement from the 1920's that we chose was for a pill to increase your digestive rate and strengthen your organs. However, in the 20's, drugists, as they called heir local drug stores were falsely advertising a lot, just to simply fool those that were willing to pay for something that could potentially help their health in beneficial ways. This portrayal of how drug stores in the 20's lied through advertisement about the quality of their product shows the comparison of how in the 20's, much like how Gatsby lied, people were in denial about the real face they portrayed.
The Thief of Bagdad
Contemporary Advertisement - Burger King
1920s Art
We chose the advertisement from Burger King, because much like how drug stores then would lie about their actual quality of product, we see today that this often happens a lot as well. In this Burger advertisement from Burger King, we see that the Burger on the far left is the pictured and advertised burger that is shown to the public, but as consumers continue to notice, the product that is shown is nothing like what they are served. Companies continue to lie about the quality of their product, so consumers see pictures of what they want things to be like, but they end up with nothing the same.
Contemporary Film Comparison- The Lion King
The film "Lion King", which was produced in the year 1994 illustrates the theme of deception and lies in the Uncle to the young Prince. He claims he killed his father and outcasts the young prince, however when his past comes to haunt him, others around him realize he isn't this big and mighty prince that he thought he was.
The song "You can't believe my eyes", made in the 1920's is an essential artifact to relate to the Gatsby lies and deception, and especially the theme throughout the 1920's.
The title in a special way relates to the theme of deception and lies because in believing in someone, it's through all of them, and the first place to look within someone is their eyes, they say it all. You see in the movie, The Great Gatsby, Jay's eyes are a whole different expression than everything else, in the scene in Jay's car.
By finding an artifact directly from the 1920's, you can relate the content of the song to the content of Gatsby.
The uncle deceives the young prince when telling him that he killed his father, much like how Gatsby lies about some businesses that he is in, and then once the truth comes out, he is portrayed as a different person essentially.
1920's Art
The art selected from the 1920's is captioned in big letters as "life". While seeing that most of the 1920's men and women were primarily always partying and drinking and dancing, we think this art is lying in saying that the lifestyle of this was "life".
Other lifestyles were not highlighted in this time because everything else was so shunned, but in reality this was not life, and as captioned in the art, this interpretation of life essentially lied to the public,
1920's Film
Contemporary Art
The 1920s film we chose was The Thief of Bagdad. This film is about a thief that sneaks into a royal palace pretending to be a prince and falls in love with the princess. This can relate to Gatsby and Daisy because both of them lie to get what they want, like love.
We chose this painting of people dancing and partying. This painting relates to Gatsby's parties and the lies people told at the parties ahout Gatsby
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