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No description

Jeanene Hodge

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Allianz

Email Address
City, State
Allianz's Core Values
Leaders have additional duties
To lead by example
Maintain a workplace culture that promotes ethical behavior and encourages employees to ask questions and raise concerns.
Monitor compliance with Code and all company policies
Ensure that employees completed required compliance training and know how and when to report violations
Take all steps reasonably possible to prevent retaliation for any such reports.
Actions of Leadership

Integrity - We always act in ways that make us proud to say we work here.

Caring - We're actively engaged in the well-being of our co-workers, customers, and community

Excellence - Passion for our business drives us to consistently exceed exceptions.

Respect - We succeed because of the value we place in each other's contributions.

Strategic Focus on Ethics and Values
within the Organization
Jeanene Hodge

" The Code requires that you act ethically, as well as lawfully, and promote the Allianz core values in all aspects of your work for the company"

Roles of Ethics and Values
"Following social norms may sometimes work, but ethics demands that we must also acknowledge that we may be wrong, and we must constantly be challenging ourselves to question, question, question and not just be complacent and think that we have it all figured out." ( Pasztor , 2015)
How does Allianz discuss and train their employees on the Core Values and the Code of Conduct?
Allianz Leadership roles in Ethics and Values
Roles of Ethics and Values

Allianz's Core Values

Actions of Leadership

Strategic focus on ethics and values within the organization


Duska, R.F. & Weber, R.M. (2016). Where Ethics Intersects the Fiduciary Duty. Journal of Financial Service Professionals, Vol. 70. No.5, pp.23-26.

Pasztor, J. (2015). Ethics & Regulations. Jounrnal of Financial Service Professionals, Vol. 69, No. 6, pp.30-32
Cardinal Stritch University
“If financial services professionals and their companies fulfill the purposes for which they exist, the ethical mandate “Put the client’s interests first” will be served.” (Duska & Weber, 2016)
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