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Weathering and Erosion In Jenolan Caves

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Matthew Wu

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Weathering and Erosion In Jenolan Caves

Weathering and Erosion In Jenolan Caves

By Matthew Wu and Andrew Lu


There Are Three Main Types of Weathering


Physical Weathering
The primary process of physical weathering is abrasion. Abrasion is the process of where rocks and other particles have shrunk or reduced in size which cause cracks that break apart eventually. Physical weathering is normally caused by temperature and pressure. There is freeze thaw action where water seeps into rocks and freeze over a period of time. When water freezes into ice it takes up more space than water. The rock eventually cracks and breaks up.
Deposition is the process of depositing rocks or sediments that have been carried out by erosion. The sediments then are carried out into a different location.
Chemical Weathering
Chemical weathering changes the rock itself and when the rock interacts with water it creates a chemical reaction. Chemical weathering also includes hydration which is a process where the minerals inside the rock absorb water and then expand which causes the rocks to fall apart.
Erosion is the process where rocks are weathered and then are removed from the surface and are then deposited into a different location. Erosion is a natural process but as human activities are affecting the Earth, it has increased by 10-40 times the rate it would be naturally. This leads to desertification which largely affects the farmers as they have lost a large amount of rich nutrient soil.
Three Factors That Make Up Jenolan Caves
Thank you for watching :D


Biological Weathering
Biological Weathering occurs when plants force their roots into the rocks in search for water and the rocks break down as the roots penetrate through the rock and eventually cause cracks.
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