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Black beauty

No description

Erica watson

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Black beauty

Black beauty
Into a horses mind
There was a horse her name was black beauty and she had switched to many homes a year she had a great master one day she was taking to another farm with these people that she didn't even know.she was always a spirited horse that she could be she would never ever kick her master and she would always do her best.I recommend people to read this book because it shows some spirit and it has really good characters and it can inspire people to treat animals the way you want to be treated.
This book was published in 1994 It's the world's best loved classics. Anna Sewell is the author of the book she talks about in this book is that to treat animals right
In the mind of a horse is beauty and pride and a very spirited horse.Black beauty was always thinking like her mom.
Anna sewell loves writing books that's all she
said she wanted to do when she ways a little girl
she says she has been writing for five years.
Main characters
Black beauty
James howard
Reuben smith

secondary characters

Jerry barker
Joe green
she wrote some other black beauty books
She wrote
this book to.
The End
It was a very good book i really enjoyed it.
If i was judging it i would give it all five star.Black beauty was a very interesting character she was a very spirited horse.

This is Anna sewell
when she was young
and older.Sewell was born in
Great Yarmouth Norfolk England
into a devoutly Quaker family.Her father
was isaac phillip sewell 1793-1879 and
her mother Mary wright sewell 1798-1884
was a very successful author of childrens
books.Thats how Anna started writing
loved classics books.

young and
wild n free
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