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the past present and future of mobile phones. by shannon francis

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Howard Battersby

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of the past present and future of mobile phones. by shannon francis

the past present and future of mobile phones.

40 years ago... on 3 April 1973 Dr Martin Cooper made the first call on a cellular network on using a prototype Motorola DynaTAC phone. he was the first person to consider mobile phone technology.
1992... Nokia's 101 was the world's first commercially available GSM mobile phone. Paving the way for future flat long "candy-bar" designs, the 101 had a monochrome display, an extendable antenna and a phone book that could store 99 phone numbers. however it didn't have the famous ''Nokia tune'' which came in the next model.
1993... The IBM Simon Personal Communicator was one of the first attempts at a commercially viable smartphone. A joint venture between IBM and Bellsouth, the Simon was only sold into the US and was best known for having no physical keys. It used a touch screen and stylus to perform the majority of its functions, which included dialling phone numbers, sending faxes and writing memos. It was priced at $899 when it launched.
skip forward a bit...
the first blackberry was the 5810 in 2002. the company that makes blackberries had originally made organizers and emaillers. they simply added a phone to them. it didn't have a speaker or microphone so needed headphones to work.
the first Iphone launched in the USA in 2007 and never officially made it to Australia. officially. it may look like the iPhone 3gs but but it was only 2g and couldn't send multimedia messages or record
videos. the iphone 3g and 3gs came shortly after.

here are some of the popular phones you may have..
the future...
this is the pomegranate nso8. as well as being a phone it can make coffee, shave your beard and be a harmonica! you'd really have to see the video to understand it!
here is a phone that is developing. this phone, the fly phone
is a phone for 10+ year olds. it can play cames and has a morphing keypad!
who knows what the future holds for phones...
thanks for watching!
by Shannon Francis
this is the mobile script.
the creators have said it is like a laptop in
your pocket. just pull it out to reveal a 9.5
inch screen!
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