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Digital Cafe'


Nicholas Matarese

on 26 March 2010

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Transcript of Digital Cafe'

Humanization of Technology presented by: Nicholas Matarese Why are you here? Can we successfully create for the future, by fully understanding what characteristics of an experience are most important

By understanding the importance of experience design money time resources what has this done for us? anticipation coming together mistakes but in reality what has this compromised? the book is much more than just text Experience Design Experience design seeks to develop the experience of a product, service, or event.

Requires a cross-discipline perspective

Think Big Picture Industrial Design is? saved saved saved How can we design these emotions back into digital technology? it's the things that we don't see why was this relevant? It allowed us to experience photography in an entriely new way.
placement of the photos changed the experience so now the impossible question. where does this fit into the real world? MAIL how do we get those little things that make real mail so meaningful and apply them to sending a digital message? and what could that do? here's an example Video Games we think of video games being played like this or even like this until now... what about creating a presentation? you could do this or maybe even use one of these but what if you took the ideas from both and put them together? it creates endless possibilities thank you
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