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Entrepreneurial Challenge

No description

Amy Read

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Entrepreneurial Challenge

What do we do? Marketing Strategy How does our business work? Financial considerations Opportunties Bridging the knowledge gap. Marketing Strategy Opportunities How does our business work?
Website operations How does our business work?
Operational process Recruitment strategy Student profile Recruitment strategy Leverage our networks from
around the world
Cooperate with university /
career services
Talks at universities
Online marketing – Social media –
Referral bonuses Our workforce and how we recruit
Symbiotic relationship Market research
Viability What do we do?
Mission Financial considerations Financial considerations Market Research
Viability Financial considerations Financial considerations Financial considerations Financial considerations
Equity share • Connect companies with skilled, knowledgeable students
• Bridge the knowledge gap between emerging and developed markets What do we do?
Service lines •Applied arts and design
Finance & accountancy
Product testing / screening
Strategy What do we do?
Deliverables •Performed remotely
•Project-based or hourly
•Accessible online Market research Market research Market research
•280 student consultancies in Europe
•22,000 students
•$5.2M annual turnover Market research
Research projects
Applied sciences
Operations / logistics
Language Recruitment strategy
Survey results - students CE
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