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The House of the Spirits

Isabel Allende

Jenna Brende

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of The House of the Spirits

The Basics Setting/Historical Context Plot Overview Unnamed Latin country in 20th century
Published in 1982
Isabel Allende
Niece of Salvador Allende
First socialist elected President in Chile
Book similar to time in Chile Clara
Alba Characters Severo y Nivea Del Valle Rosa Clara Esteban Trueba Blanca Jaime Nicolas Ferula Pedro Tercero Jean de Satigny Alba Miguel Pancha Esteban Garcia Amanda The Basics Magical Realism POV-First Person Esteban and
3rd person omniscient that turns out to be Alba Symbol Motif Social Classes
"fox always eats the hens" (192)
Women's Rights
Revenge Barrabas
The Big House of the Corner Style Tone Calm & dispassionate--even when passionate and often intense events occur (Magical Realism) Foreshadowing page 282 Theme: Point of View Foreshadow Tone Without Esteban's first person point of view excerpts, we wouldn't be able to see what he was thinking. Without them, he would seem like a restless tyrant of a father that doesn't care about his wife or his children and grandchildren, but only what happens in the advancement of his career.
Without the unknown narrator that is Alba, we wouldn't have a story. She compiled Clara's, Blanca's, and her own journals to form the story. With them, we see how important they are to the other, even though it doesn't always seem like it. Without the many occurrences of foreshadow within the story, we wouldn't be able to see just how important characters that the protagonists are interacting with are at the time. It allows readers to make inferences on what might happen to the family and often worry about what is ahead. Through the many foreshadows, we can also get a clue on how the story is told--through Alba's perspective, or just someone close to the family. Dialecticals Creative Element With a detached and uninterested tone throughout the book, readers may think that the characters don't care about their family. However, it is evident in shifts of tone during the story that we realize the characters care about their family and would do anything to be there for each other. Family is important above all things even when times are tough. No matter how one feels about the other, a family member will always be there. Quote: She did not speak again until nine years later, when she opened her mouth to announce that she was planning to be married.

Setting: page 39, Clara isn’t talking to her family because of the death of Rosa

Response: Clara is devastated when Rosa dies, therefore she decides to shut up her friends and family and not speak to any of them. She invests her time with her magic, trying to improve on her skills. This quote shows some of the magical realism that takes place within the book. Clara is seeing into the future that Rosa’s former fiancée will be returning to marry Clara.
Quote: “You can’t find someone who doesn’t want to be found.”

Setting: page 133, Esteban shunned Férula from seeing Clara, and later Clara is trying to find her.

Response: Clara is trying to telepathically connect with Férula, trying to connect and see where she ran away to. Clara and Férula’s relationship consists of Férula taking care of Clara, but they loved each other. They were good sisters-in-law. It takes Clara awhile to realize that she can’t have a vision of where Férula went, simply because Férula doesn’t want to be found and get in Esteban’s way.
Quote: She believed that by giving problems a name they tended to manifest themselves

Setting: page 169 Clara chose to ignore Blanca’s love for Pedro Tercero

Response: I like this. It’s a good way to think about problems, because I’m really good at making a big deal out of small problems. I wish it was easier to care a little less. This also adds to how this book is magical realism. Blanca’s love for Pedro Tercero is forbidden, and Clara simply chooses to ignore it as if it is not a big deal to their family. She doesn’t want Esteban to overreact.
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433: Clara wrote them so they would help me now to reclaim the past and overcome terrors of my own.
295: She's still alive, and she's with me: Clara, the clearest. Among tem was the Poet-years later considered the greatest of the century and translated into all the known languages on earth-on whose knees Alba often sat, little suspecting that one day she would walk behind his casket, with a bunch of bloody carnations in her hand, between two rows of machine guns. 282
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