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Miami Heat

No description

Armin Karahodza

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Miami Heat

Team Name: Miami Heat
Colors: Black, Deep Red, White, and Orange.

Logo 2000-Present:

Logo 1989-1999: July 9th, 2010: Lebron James joins The Miami Heat IMPORTANT DATES Coaches Miami Heat Secondary Logo: Different HEAT Logos Miami Heat Alternate Logos: 2000-2006 2000-Pres Miami Heat Anniversary Logos 2003 1998 2003 2008 Mascot: Burnie :) Burnie Trouble: In 1994 Burnie grabbed a women from the audience and dragged her by her feet for the enjoyment of the fans. Little did he know the women was married to one of the United States' Federal Lawyers who sued Burnie for $1,000,000. The lawsuit ended with the women receiving $50,000 and "Burnie" receiving 20 years in jail for aggravted assault and battery. April 1987: Miami Heat finally reach agreement with NBA to start their franchise. BURNING Money Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh Lebron James BIG 3: In 2010, the Miami Heat were fortunate enough to free up the right ammount of cap room in order sign Lebron James and Chris Bosh, along with re-signing Dwyane Wade with a 6-year $107.59 MILLION contract. BIG BUCKS: The money spent on those 3 players would be able to pay the yearly salary for the entire Charlotte Bobcats basketball team along with the rest of the Miami Heat players. 1998-1999: The Miami Heat's first season joining the "Eastern Conference" and competing in the "Southeast" division. June 2012: The Miami Heat win their 2nd NBA championship along with Lebron James and Chris Bosh winning their first NBA title. STADIUMS Miami Arena
(1989-1999) American Airlines Arena
(2000-Pres) Key Players Jamal Mashburn: 1997-2000
Alonzo Mourning: 1995-2001, 2004-2008
Shaquille O'neal: 2004-2008
Glen Rice: 1989-1995
Tim Hardaway: 1996-2001
Lebron James: 2010-Pres
Chris Bosh: 2010-Pres
Dwyane Wade: 2003-Pres Ron Rothstein: 1988-1991
Kevin Loughery: 1991-1995
Pat Riley: 1995-2003
Stan Van Gundy: 2003-2005
Pat Riley: 2005-2008
Erik Spoelstra: 2008-Pres PAT RILEY - NBA COACHES HALL OF FAME FUN FACTS According to Sports Illustrated and Vibe magazine the Miami Heat are the most loved and the most hated team in all of sports. As of the 2011-2012 season they have surpassed the New York Yankees and FC Barcelona in this category. They won the 2006 and 2012 NBA Championships defeating the Mavericks in 06' and the Thunder in 2012. The Lebron James Miami Heat jersey is the #1 most sold jersey world-wide as of July 2012. The Miami Heat signed Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis this off-season and are being projected to have a 70+ win 2012-2013 season. The Heat have the fewest logo changes out of all the current NBA teams. |_________|___________|________|_________|_________|__________|________|________|_______| U.S. and Canada reach free trade
Jan. 2 1988 Jan. 20 1989
George H. Bush becomes
41st President. Soviet Union breaks up
Dec. 25 1991 Nov. 17 1993
House approves NA Free
Trade Agreement Jan. 17 1995
5,000 Dead in Japanese
Earthquake April 17 1998
U.S. Trade Deficit largest in
decade Nov. 5 1999
Microsoft charged for
Monopoly Jan. 2 2002
Euro debuts in 12 Euro
countries April 25 2005
Benedict XVI
becomes Pope Oct. 17 2006
U.S. Population offcialy reaches 300 Million Poor Lucas
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