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The Impact of Toursim

Tourism Planning

caryl b

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of The Impact of Toursim

Tourism Planning and Development The
Tourism Social Impact of Tourism Impact Control Measures Environmental Impact of Tourism Cultural Impact of Tourism Impact Control Measures Develop tourism gradually so that local residents can have sufficient time to adapt to it and understand it Economic Effects of Tourism Reducing the contact between hosts and guests by limiting the carrying of the destination and by regulating the tourist flow Positive Effects of Tourism income employment balance of
payments investments and development Negative Economic Aspects of Tourism inflation and land values high leakages seasonality overdependence on tourism by E. Inskeep Maintain a scale of tourism development that is appropriate for the local as well as national environment Involve residents and their spokesmen in planning and decision-making so that they can participate in determining the future of this sector Apply the concept of tourism development zones Make certain that residents have easy access to tourist attractions, facilities and services Provide incentives to local ownership, management and operations of hotels and other tourist facilities and services Develop strong linkages between tourism and other economic activities Plan, develop, and organize tourism so that no area becomes too congested Train local people to work effectively in all levels of tourism Positive Social Effects of Tourism social change and multi-cultural understanding adaptation to the realities of modern life and improvement of the host country's lifestyle use of foreign language improved health conditions
and disease control Negative Social Effects
of Tourism social saturation changes in the social structure,
behavior and roles community problems negative demonstrative effects Separating the tourist and the tourists within tourist enclaves Designing community education and citizen involvement programs Expanding human resources development and training programs Positive Effects of Tourism on Culture intercultural tourism renaissance of native culture Negative Cultural Impact of Tourism losing the careful, precise workmanship the impersonal nature of the tourist market has decreased the spiritual relevance of the artist's work art is produced according to the tastes of tourists the increased demand has led to the misrepresentation of the age or authencity of objects Impact Control Measures Develop programs which enhance
tourism's contribution to intercultural communication and interaction Incorporate local indigenous features
within western style structures Positive Effects conservation development of
attractions historic preservation resident benefits Negative Environmental Impact environmental conflicts geological conflicts resident conflicts Impact Control Measures General protective measures Regulation and control of tourist development
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