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The Renaissance Legacy around me

Five examples of the Renaissance legacy around me and explaining why I think each one is a good example.

Cynthia Whatsherface

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of The Renaissance Legacy around me

Renaissance Art This past summer, I visited Burnsville, North Carolina
and had the opportunity to see a shakespeare play in the Parkway Playhouse. This photo is the cover of the playbill that I received while entering the theatre. This is a good example of the Renaissance legacy around me because William Shakespeare was known for his literature and plays like "Romeo & Juliet" during the renaissance.
Literature My second item is a book by the famous
14th century writer, Francis Petrach. This
book is a good example becasue Francis
Petrach was a famous scholar and was one
of the first to write in the Italian vernacular. Architecture Washington D.C is where the politics are.
This building in Washington is where the
U.S congress meet. This is a good example
the architecture of the Renaissance because
of the dome shaped top of the building.
A man named Brunelleschi introduced classical
architecture in the renaissance and one of his
signature works is a dome on Santa Monica del Fiore Cathedral in Florence which reflects the classical architecture. The Renaissance Legacy around me

By Cynthia Candelaria Inventions Printers are very important today to print
out documents, photos, and maps. This photo
is also an example because during the renaissance
printing was very important but very hard work.
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