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Sooke Minor Presentation

No description

Ken Wheler

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Sooke Minor Presentation

“Don’t let
Self Defense
get in the way of
Self Improvement”

“You can’t get walked on if you don’t lay down”
Doing what is appropriate for the situation shows the game participants that you understand what is happening in the game and furthermore that
we have as much will to do what is right as they do to win.

Officiating definitions of:
: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen (or not happen)
: the ability or strength to do the right thing in a challenging situation

Professional interaction with all participants within the NHL arena environment while remaining composed. Presence in the game by reacting under pressure while demonstrating confidence and assuredness throughout the game.
Judgment / Knowledge

Calling and maintaining the NHL standard of enforcement on existing rules while being consistent and decisive on calls. Exercising sound judgment and having full rule knowledge.
Functional movement
Functional movement speaks to the use of skating proficiency to move and make decisions without mentally thinking about skating adjustments
Standard of Performance for an official

Skating Ability / Positioning
Strong forwards and backwards skating combined with agility and speed necessary to keep up with the pace of the NHL game. Positioning, based on reading and reacting to the play, and hustle to maintain maximum vision and site lines to make the proper call.


Minor Pro Leagues

To help develop the NHL contracted officials working in the AHL to prepare them for the NHL as well as helping with the development of prospects. Managers at this level should focus on providing support, inspiring confidence and developing an officials’ raw talent.



To act as a liaison between the NHL and grassroots levels of hockey. This is vital in order to create the foundation of the infrastructure which brings officials to the NHL.
*Knowing when to impose yourself on the game and when to flow with it is having the instinctual knowledge to bring a game or an element of the game back in line when it needs to be controlled.
There must be a balance between managing the rule book, using personality and common sense along with that feel for the game and the situation.


 To observe, help develop and maintain the expected performance level of all officials. The principles in which to operate are; to support, inspire confidence and fine tune.
Role of an Officiating Manager
Grass Roots

Minor Pro Leagues

National Hockey League

Have you hugged a hockey coach today??
Dealing with Abuse
advise the individual when he is transitioning from emotion to ABUSE
be confident and firm in your approach, treat disrespect with respect!
Use the many tools at your disposal to deal with the situation
When approaching the bench to discuss a situation with a coach do so in a businesslike manner.

Only go to the bench when it is necessary

Control the conversation or QUIT the conversation

League/Association support
emotion vs. abuse
Instincts and Artistry
Ask for compliance
Warn of consequences
(avoid ultimatums)
Solicit 3rd party influence
Follow through, Take Charge
Take Charge!!
The "War Room"
Air Canada Center Video Replay Booth
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