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Test 1

Camilo Mora

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Test

Double click anywhere & add an idea Diagnosis Inbound Arrangement
Storage Picking
Shipping Receive only what is asked from the Plant
Location of product by classification and dual transactions of arrangement and extraction
Storage Strategies (movement, brand and cost)
Fast Picking Area & Specific corridors for inputs and outputs
Control for the product that is being shipped Applicable Models for Food Industry Success Cases:
Since the expansion of the Distribution Center located in San Martín Obispo, Edo. de México, the occupational incidents and accidents increased. Statistics Six thousand deaths by occupational accidents in the world per day.
Each year, 270 million occupational accidents are registered as well as 160 million new cases of occupational injuries or diseases.
The cost of occupational injuries and diseases represent 4% of the world's GDP.
In México, 1.300 people die per year and 388 thousand are involved in occupational accidents or diseases.
Agreement with Glaxo Smith Kline labs
Campaing for medical check as well as Medical Center
Mandatory use of: boots & helmet
Correct signaling
Decreased percentage of sick workers.
Reduction of accidents.
Reduction of medical attention expenses.
Reduced accidents by 40%
Publication of consecutive days without an accident
Theoretical framework proposed in the project Identification of Critical Variables in a Food Industry Distribution Center Inbound Arrangement Shipping Control & Metrics for the Critical Variables Safety
Efficiency Picking Documentation and continuous improvement Plan Do Verify Act Arrangement
1.Location of the products by classification A,B,C in the correspondent racks.

1.1. The products classified as A must be located in the modules G & H.

1.1.1.The person in charge of the area of arrangement must supervise each 2 hours the arrangement in the G & H modules; there must be only A products.

1.2. The products classified as B, must be located in modules G & H.

1.2.1.The person in charge of the arragment area must supervise each 2 hours the arrangement in the G & H modules, for product B.

1.3. The products classified as C must be located at modules A, B, C, D , E y F

1.3.1.The supervisor must check each 2 hours modules A,B,C, D E & F for only C products.

2.Identification of the products in the corridors by their tags.

2.1. The tags must be placed in the font side of each location.

2.1.1.The supervisor must check daily the location of the tags.

2.2. The tags must be of mangnetized aluminum.

2.2.1.Tags must be removed from the product when the location is changed.

Thank you for your attention Camilo Andrés Mora Q.
Diego de Luis López
Leslie Medina Aviléz
Itzel B. Alvarado
Licio Lorenzoni
José Luis Garay
Cost-Benefit Easy Implementation Fast Results Staff Commitment Replicated for more DC's Certifications Customer Satisfaction Low Cost in terms of time, equipment and resistance to change Jorge ertghjkiolp
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