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My Digital Footprint

No description

Emily Brooks

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of My Digital Footprint

My Digital Footprint Facebook MySpace Twitter Emily Brooks The Social Medias I have are Facebook, Twitter, Skype and MySpace. I don't use my MySpace account anymore, I mostly just use Facebook and Skype. Skype While looking for information about myself online, I used a website called pipl.com. On pipl.com I searched my e-mail address. The results came up with my MySpace account I made probably two to three years ago. Since not a lot of search results came up for my e-mail address I decided to search my cell phone number and no results came up but a map with Sarnia on it, which is where I purchased my phone from. I then decided to search my home phone number and my dad's name came up four times in the results. I also used a website called 123people.com and my profile picture for my Hotmail account and my Facebook page popped up. It only had a windows symbol in the corner though so I don't think it was taken from my Facebook page. Here is my picture After reading over some privacy policies on Facebook I found some interesting things and took screen shots of them. I found this fact really interesting because I didn't know before that Facebook would do something like this. I think it is a great idea and creates a fair environment to Facebook users. Something I also found interesting was that you have to give permission for Facebook to send your information to advertisers. This strikes me as odd because I feel like they shouldn't be able to do that. I think that if someone wants to advertise they should just advertise. There are so many people on Facebook so there would be people interested. This list here was very intriguing. From my experiences on Facebook I find some of these odd. People create more than one personal account all the time. I even have a few friends who have done that. It's also interesting how people under the age of 13 can't use Facebook, as my eleven year old cousin uses it. I also think it's a good thing that people who are convicted sex offenders can't use Facebook, but people still create accounts and pretend to be someone else which is not good at all if there are young people using Facebook. I don't really use Twitter that much but here are the interesting things I found after reading their terms and conditions. This first screen shot shows basic terms. I found this interesting because some people don't realize that people can see everything you tweet. Some people don't think about what they are saying and there has been issues arise about this before in the past. An example being Donald Trump tweeting about the election. He didn't think everyone would see what he tweeted but it caused a big controversy. This second section on the rights people who use twitter have is extremely fascinating. It says that they can: "use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display and distribute content".This means that ANYTHING you post can be used, so people need to be conscious of this when posting things. The second part of this also says that they do not have to pay you if anything you have posted is used for something. This third point about how you can re-use content that has been posted on Twitter is thought provoking. I think this is quite the process you would have to go through to get something back, but at the same time it is a good feature. For example, it is good because if someone posted song lyrics on Twitter, they automatically belong to Twitter and not the person who posted this. Therefor the option of being able to ask for this content back is a good feature. Then I took a look at the Royal Bank of Canada's privacy policy because I bank with them. http://www.rbc.com/privacysecurity/ca/our-privacy-principles.html When I read the privacy policy I saw that they have access to all your information such as: name, phone number, address, finances, social insurance number, credit ratings, and much more. Knowing that they have access to so many people's personal information is kind of frighting; but they do their best to protect all of their customers. Banks have high security on peoples information, though sometimes it can be tampered with. McLuhan might say “You” are the product of new media businesses. What do I think about this? After what we have talked about in class, about Google and Facebook and how they track your information, I think that.. I am the product of media businesses. My preferences have been recorded by google. What I search most and what websites I use most have been watched by google and they try to make google personalized for me. My Facebook account has advertisements that are personalized for me. For example here are pictures of the advertisements on my Facebook page right now. All of these advertisements somewhat relate to my likes. I want to be healthy and they advertised running shoes and biking, I am a women and they were advertising for breast cancer awareness, I am a university student and they advertised a trip to be won and I need money, and they advertised for being in debt and how to get money. They also advertised for hair extensions which some women want, and they also advertised for playing poker, which I play on Facebook. Dr. Mike Wesch says the “machine is us/ing us” This video with the idea that the "machine is us/ing us" is very complex. I think this is a great video and it makes sense for the message that is trying to be relayed. The machine really is us and using us is what I believe. We are always changing the ways we do things and how people will react to things and I think this video is a great example of how that is being done. The End http://www.facebook.com/policies/?ref=pf https://twitter.com/tos I think the advantages of collecting and using information for myself is beneficial. It's good that things are being personalized for me so it makes my online experience the best it can be. Some people may disagree, but everyone has their own opinion. I think the advantages of collecting and using information for companies and society are that big companies can advertise to a certain large part of society and give them what they want. I feel the disadvantages of collecting and using information for myself are that sites know to much information about me. I think its good in a way but it is frightening to think that google and Facebook know so much about someone that they can personalize for them. I feel the disadvantages of collecting and using information for companies and for society are that people may not agree with it. There is so much information being shared and it may invade some people's personal privacy. I think people should have the option of having their information collected or not.
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